Tuesday, January 12, 2010

News and Notes: Penguins

The Penguins power play continues to struggle. Make no mistake about it, the Penguins power play is a troubling issue.

The Penguins went 0-6 in the 4-3 loss to the Wild, including a stretch that saw the Penguins have a 5-on-3 power play for over a minute. What the hell? I know there are a ton of people out there who have "the solution." You can talk about the movement, the presents in front of the net, the lack of shooting, the lack of people yelling "shoot" on the road, but the fact of the matter is the players have to get their shit together and fix it themselves. You are crazy if you think Geno and Sid stay up at night, watch the Subway Nightly Sports Call and discuss how that is going to help them with the power play.

Word is that after they watch the Nightly Sports Call they go over and watch the Princess Bridge with MAF.

When talking about how bad the Penguins power play is you think of words like terrible and horrific, which shockingly enough is the same words that you think of when you get a VS broadcast. Just as NBC for the Winter Classic you turn on the TV at 7:30 (for the 8:00 start) and you expect to see some kind of pregame since this is the NHL's channel and what do you get? A fishing show. What a joke. I almost had to turn off my TV because of the way the announcers were saying Guillaume Latendresse. Just say the name toolbags, you don't have to draw it out to make yourself seem like it comes naturally to you. Jokes. For the record, I have VS on my TV but that does not take away from the suckiness of it.

Remember when people said that Sid would never be as good as OV because he couldn't score goals? Well...

Sid your thoughts?

Suck it.

Interesting scenario last night when Sergei Gonchar took a five minute interference penalty last night after he went after Wild player Cal Clutterbuck and took him out.

Watch it at the 2:30 mark.

It was a bad decision by Gonchar. Bad timing for the penalty and very uncharacteristic for Sarge to do something like that. What was more shocking was what Clutterjoke said after the game:

"He better hope he retires at the end of the year, I'll tell you that. Somebody's going to hurt him before the end of the year. Someone will. It's not going to be me, but someone will."
(H/T Pensburgh)

Is this dude serious? Get a life.

In other Penguins news it looks as if FSN is going to be under investigation from the NHL for not sending video from this reviewed goal:

Kuklas Korner has the story here

This is going to be a big deal if this is true. I don't know what kinda punishment this would bring but as Seth from Empty Netters said:
"This is the same league which is allegedly still investigating whether or not multi-year contracts signed the likes of Chris Pronger or Marian Hossa just might've been agreed to with the intent of an early retirement by the player. So we fully expect this investigation to handled with the full and complete imcomptence that we've come to expect from the NHL."

For real though this is going to be interesting to see pan out. I am not really familiar if this has ever happened before but I am sure it has. The hammer could come down on FSN if it is found out that they purposely did not send in this video to help out their team. The Penguins lost anyways but that does not take away from what this could really mean in the eyes of the brass upstairs.

In other NHL news it came out that Alex Burros thinks that NHL referee Stephane Auger had a beef against him and gave him a penalty to get him back for making him look bad in a previous game. Here is the story on Puck Daddy. The NHL does not need this. For me, I feel this is a one time thing, if it is true. But if this is a more than a one time thing then it needs to be looked at and taken care of. The NBA went through this, although not the same situation, but I guess nobody really knows what happens on the court/ice/field unless a players steps up and says something. This time a player did.

What will be interesting is what will happen to Burros. Most leagues do not take lightly to bashing referees. I am sure Auger is going to deny this but these are pretty specific accusations. I will be very interested too see the fallout.

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