Friday, January 8, 2010

News and Notes

-The Penguins dropped their matchup with the Flyers last night 7-4. The Pens got behind early and could never tie the game. MAF got chased in the first two minutes of the second period and it was catch up from there. Tang, Max, Bing all played solid games, just back on that slump.

-Bob Pompeani tweeted that the Penguins had a players only meeting last night. Said there were "plenty of f-bombs to go around". Who knows. Maybe that will help.

-Dave Molinari thinks the Penguins are heading in the wrong direction.

-The Steelers have made some moves. They have fired special teams coach Bob Ligashesky and offensive line coach Larry Zierlein. Moves had to be made and this was one that you knew was coming. The ST were terrible for two of three years that Ligashesky was here.

-Bruce Arians will be back next year for Pittsburgh. I am still torn on this. It is by far not all Arians fault for this season. The offense was good this year but they struggled in the red zone to the nth degree. Zierlein was fired and I am sure the thinking is that might make some change but I am not too upset that Arians is staying. The one thing that needs to change is that Mike Tomlin better have went to Arians and said there will be some different things done next year and BA better be willing to adapt more. No, I do not mean run the ball just for the sake of running, but situational play calling. It is a passing league now so we will need to throw the ball so deal with it.

-For those people who want to get rid of Dick Lebeau please never come back here again, you obviously know nothing about football. Sure the defense was not up to snuff as HCMT would say but one bad year (the Steelers were top 10 in overall D) does not mean we need to clean house just yet. I will not blame the bad D on injuries either. Shit happens, deal with it.

-Interesting news on the Pirates front. The Mc Effect takes a look at the strange development of the Athletics talking about Andy LaRoche. This might not be a bad thing if the Pirates stick to the demands they want. LaRoche is expendable for the right price and from what we have seen from this management already they don't budge much on demands. Nothing will probably happen from this but lets ride this out. I have not given up on the Pirates yet.

-The Bucs are interested in Rick Ankiel as well. Things were not deemed too serious but today we find out that his agent, Scott Boras, said that there was a lot of interest in him and since Bay and Holiday are off the market that Ankiel would be in the next wave. I am not sure how much of this is serious, you know how Boras is if you follow baseball. I am sure he is trying to get teams to outbid themselves and each other to get the max payout for his client. I mean that is his job so I can't really complain, but I bet most of what he said is a reach.

-Pat over at WHYGAVS gives us a nice write up about the Hall of Fame voting.

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