Saturday, January 16, 2010

Penguins Game Day 50 - @ Vancouver Canucks

Vancouver Canucks

10:00 PM, GM Place, Vancouver, Alberta

Here are your line combinations thanks to the Penguins Web Site:




Marc Andre Fleury will be out of the lineup today due to a fractured finger. The fracture occured during the second period of the game with Edmonton but he was able to gut it up and finish the game and get the victory. Not only did MAF get the victory, but he stole the show.

Curry will make his first start of the season for the Penguins. Curry is 2-1 in his career afer making three sarts last year. Curry posted a 2.40 GAA last year also.

Another interesting note is that Mike Rupp will be skating on the first line with Sidney Crosby and Billy Guerin. That is a very interesting move, but I like it. Rupp has been a player that has just found ways to put pucks in thet net. Prior this year his career high was six goals in a season and this year he has 11 through 49 games. Pretty good. He will be the grinder on the first line and I am very excited to see how this goes.

This will be the first, and only, time these two teams will meet this year. They played last year when Vancouver took a 3-1 win at the Mellon on November 22, 2008:

Here is the team comparison so far this year:

Lets Go Pens.

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