Friday, January 15, 2010

Slow Day

Little bit slow after a fast couple of days of sports. It's a Friday, you are at work, you need something to read, nothing is going on and you feel like you are just going to die on the keyboard and last night you witnessed your last Penguins game last night. Well that is how I felt at least. Nothing on today. The Penguins go back into action tomorrow night and Pitt has a game too. There is also some other great basketball match ups as well as NFL Divisional weekend. Should make out for a great weekend of sports.

The Penguins played some hockey last night and got a big deal over a very average Edmonton team. The first period of this hockey game made you reconsider the whole sport. Seven combined shots. Seven. Defensive struggle to say the least.

Edmonton scored two power play goals in the second period and it looked as if the team was just going to lose this game. Yea right.

If there is one thing you should know about the Penguins it is that they are the defending Stanley Cup Champions, they just don't roll over for anyone.

The Guins used three third period goals, all assisted by Jordan Staal and a rock solid effort from Marc Andre for the win. Fleury was just the man in the third period yesterday. Before the Penguins started their comeback he made a save on a breakaway and stopped a 2-on-1 in almost back-to-back possessions. Fleury made 33 saves and should have been one of the three stars. He was the number one star for me in the game.

If you want to know why MAF is a big deal for this franchise then you need to re-watch the game last night.

It was also interesting to find out that MAF fractured his finger last night and will be day-to-day. He came to the bench part way through the third period to get the hand looked at but nobody gave it a second thought. He is a big time player and gutted it up because he wanted this game. What a gammer.

Interesting news today is that Steelers linebackers coach Keith Butler turned down a chance to have the defensive coordinator position in Miami. I mean as a linebackers coach you would think that would be a huge promotion to get a job like that.

This is interesting on a lot of fronts. What did Pittsburgh tell Keith to keep him around in a much less role (than being a D-Coordinator)? Did they tell him that the defensive coordinator job is his when LeBeau leaves in the near future? If that is a case that says a lot about the Steelers organization. To turn down a job to wait for another for maybe years to come (who knows how long it will be till Dick retires).

It has already been discussed that LeBeau will probably retire on his own terms and will probably tell the team when he is going to leave rather than the other way around. How long does Keith think this will be? Or did the Steelers and LeBeau give him a soft time table? Who knows.

This is going to be a big keep.

We have to go off the professional sports topic here because we need to give some love to the men's basketball team from the University of Pittsburgh.

Remember at the beginning of the season when Pitt was picked to finish ninth in the Big East. How is that working out?

Oh THAT'S right...

Three wins on the road at Syracuse, at Cincinnati and at UConn. That is a big deal.

Listen, Pitt is a very young team and to go on the road to places such as Syracuse and UConn says a lot about how Jamie Dixon runs this program. He is a top five coach in the country and you can't convince me any different. He gets his team ready and they pull no punches. They play great defense and use their set offense to beat you whether you like it or not.

Coach Dixon uses the strengths of his players and does a great job recruiting. What often gets overlooked in Jamie Dixon's program is that he gets kids that want to be in the system and work on being the best. He can't go out and get McDonald's All Americans like UNC can. Would that be great? Sure. But those players are one or two and done. Dixon keeps his kids for four years. Look at Brad (or Bradley as he was called all game against UConn) Wannamaker. Is he a top tier college basketball player? No. Has he gotten better every year as he learned the system? Yes. Those are reasons why Dixon is a big deal.

This is going to be a fun year for Pitt basketball.

Have a safe night everyone.

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