Saturday, January 2, 2010

Steelers Game Day 16 - @ Miami Dolphins

Not much to say for this game. It is not win and get it. We are not resting starters for the playoffs. We have to plan the faith in other teams and take care of our business to have a chance at this whole playoff thing.

I could blabber about a ton of stats like I usually do and spend a whole ton of time writing this out, but I would much rather go to and PS it in for you. If this is too small to read then just click it.

The Steelers don't look as if they will have Troy, but I guess you never know.

I could also talk abotu the playoff scenerio's but I did that earlier this week. You can check out the post by just clicking here. Print it out, take it to the bar so you can tell the other people who think the Vikings need to lose for us to get in that the Vikings are in the NFC and we are in the AFC. Also if you hear anyone yell "SHOOT" just turn around and punch them in the face.

The Steelers don't win and there isn't another game till next season. Hell, even if they do win there might not be a game till next season. We need help, but like Mikey T said, we made our own bed.

Lets just get this done and watch the other games like we are waiting to die if the Pats or Bengals lose. You know that is how you will act, shit, that is what I am going to be like.

Here We Go

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