Friday, February 26, 2010

Kipprunot, USA Route

( @ItsMillerTime39 sorry for the title, I know you love Miikka )

Knowing that this game would probably dictate how people would look at the United States would fare, should they go into the title game, was probably on the mind of the United States players, and they adjusted accordingly. I mean it would have been ok with me had the United States went into the break with a 1-0 lead, they one upped me there, no, check that, that did that, times six. What a period of hockey.

I am not sure when Finland signed a shooter tutor to play goal for them, but it was clearly not a great idea for a game against the United States.


I was actually on the road when the game started. I checked my blackberry for the score and found out that Ryan Malone scored a goal in the first three minutes.

Ok, that was pretty sweet early 1-0 lead for the USA, I think they will be alright now. I take a five minute ride home and turn on the TV and it is 4-0. What the hell.

Well in the five minute time span the United States scored three goals in like five seconds and chased goaltender Miikka Kiprusoff in the games first six minutes. The United States scored four goals in the first six minutes, and the game was pretty much over.

As I watched the game the United States score two more goal, in only 15 seconds to make the score 6-0 and leading me to laugh my ass off. Kane scored a goal, Malone had the first, Parise and a few more of the Stars and Stripes found the net. Who knows.

The Untied States scored their first four goals on seven shots and Brian Rafalski chipped in an assist and became the Olympics leading point-getter with eight points.

You wanna know how dominating the performance was for the United States in the first period? Finland gave up only four goals in the tournament coming in and U.S. put six in the back of the cage in the first.

What do you tell your team if you are the Finland coach? Maybe tell them not to be jokes?


All things considered there was not too much going on in the second period of play. The USA didn’t score six goal, and they didn’t need to, but they did need to keep up the good play. The carry over of letting yourself just coast through the game could be bad going into Saturday, but it seemed like an OK period for the United States.

During the period we got to hear Doc continue to butcher Teemu Salanne’s name as if he was something you could buy at your local Wal-Mart. Evidently it is Teemu Salami, another reason NBC has royally messed this up. Usually I enjoy listening to Doc but maybe being paired up with Pierre and Edzo has finally started to get to him. In pretty much every Finish game he has called him Salami so I have no idea what he is doing. Is there an over/under for him saying it?

Finland was kinda just jobbing around in the period. Some cheap shit going on about half way through. Ryan Miller covers a puck up in the crease and Jarkko Ruutu decides to jump on the back of Ryan Miller as he was laying belly down on the ice. What a joke.

I know Jarkko was on the Penguins and he was good at what he was doing, but since he has moved on he has gotten dirtier than he was with the Penguins. Rutuu just laid on Miller and it was enough to earn him a game misconduct for the game.

Not to be outdone Olli Jokenin gives Pat Kane a nice slash on the leg while the refs were trying to get Rutuu off of Millers back, you stay classy Olli, you joke. Not real sure what he was trying to do, but you can’t fight in the Olympics and I guess he knew Kane wouldn’t throw down since the game was pretty much over.

The USA got a power play from all of that, with only Ruutu getting a two minute and ten minute misconduct. The USA couldn’t generate a goal, but they didn’t really need to. They got a few good chances but couldn’t get any of them to fall.


The third period was just a solid game from the United States in holding the lead. They tried to get some offense going but it wasn’t a priority to get ten more goal, and that should be alright.

Ryan Miller was yanked in the third period with about 11 minutes to go and this shouldn’t have been a big deal. Miller has played every single minute and it was a 6-0 game, no need for him to be in the contest. This is like taking out your starters in basketball with a few minutes left.

Sure was there an opportunity for Ryan Miller to grab a shutout? Yea, but what is really more important here? I think giving Ryan a little rest is a good move, he has nothing more to prove and he is going to face a ton of shots on Sunday against Canada.

Brooks Orpik got mixed up with some Finish players. He has had a real nice Olympics so far, although he is not talked about as much as our Pittsburgh fans are used to hearing him, but he has played great.

The Finland team finally found the scoreboard when they beat Tim Thomas with about five minutes left in the game. The reason Finland scored is because Pierre was talking about the shutout on live TV. What a tool.

Lets get ready for some gold medal hockey. Get your minds right.


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