Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Little Bit of it All

There isn't really a huge story to talk about so I am going to pick up on a few things that have been flowing through the papers and blogs and see if any of it is interesting. With that being said, lets get after it.

First lets start off with the Olympics, and it looks as if Martin Brodeur will be replaced by Roberto Luongo. Not really surprised there. Marty played a terrible game against the Americans and his puck handling was a big reason why. Should it be Luongo in this spot or should MAF get a shot> DK, who is at the Olympics, makes a case for our Penguins net keeper. I can see how MAF would have a strong case for getting in the lineup but I think Luongo is the best bet for team Canada. He already has a SO and you need to have some consistency back there.

The US is still leading the medal count before today even started, so far they have a few more medals than the Germans so far. The US also is tied for the lead on gold medals with seven.

Baseball America came out with their top-100 prospects today. Two Pirates made the list in Pedro Alverez (8th) and Tony Sanchez (79th).

Another prospect list was out there from Project Prospect as they ranked their top 100 today. Four different Pirates made that list headlined by Alverez at 12th.

Buccos Prospect Jose Tabata is really to be in the big leagues and really worked hard on a lot of his game, especially his learning the English language, to put himself in this position. If you have followed my Pirates talk on this blog you know how I feel about Tabata. I am really high on this kid and feel like he can make a huge difference on this team. Jose has matured and it looks as if he is going to be in a Pirate uniform at the midpoint on the season and I can't wait to watch him play next to Cutch. If he pans out this lineup could be real fun to watch.

Winter Classic at PNC Park? Eh, I say no. Not because I don't want it to be in Pittsburgh, it is just I don't think PNC Park is a great place to have it. I am not a huge fan of having baseball venues for hockey games, too many bad seats, I feel that Heinz Field would be a nice play to have it, and it seats about 20,000+ more people. As the boys over at The Pensblog have said before the Penguins have been in this game before and we need to see some other teams in this. I agree 100%, although Pens/Caps would be sweet.

The Steelers are going to have to make a decision about Big Snack (Casey Hampton for those of you who have been sleeping under a rock for the last 8 years) by Thursday. You ask me I bet he is tagged and they try to work out a contract during that time. Snack has said he doesn't want to be tagged, and I understand why, but he really doesn't have much choice. If he gets tagged and doesn't play in 2010-11 and then there is a lockout in the next year he will be out football for two years and at his age that would doom him. He'll get tagged and the Steelers will probably work out a deal for him.

These links have nothing to do with sports but I think they are cool. NASA is doing a buncha stuff and talking about how cold it is and how much snow we are getting. They also have a nice video of the global warming stuff and what is going on with that. Defiantly really cool.

That is all. Be well people

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