Sunday, February 21, 2010

Olympic Update

The Olympics are just flying by aren't they? We have been going for our first full week and the medal count is really starting to come into focus. The United States are on their stuff this year. They are raking in the medals and it hasn't really been that close. Here is what it is looking like:

1) United States - 23 (6,7,10)
2) Germany - 14 (4,6,4)
3) Norway - 11 (5,3,3)
4) Korea - 9 (4,4,1)
5) Canada - 8 (4,3,1)

Oh hey Canada, how are things going down there? Not only couldn't you do anything right during the opening ceremonies but you can barely win a medal. Sucks.

There were some good stuff on today. The hockey games were not that great but some other stuff was well worth watching today. I could say that I am doing well on my picks that I made with the staff from The Steelers n'at but to be honest I have no idea where I stand. I know Lindsey Vonn won and that is about it. Whatev, he is probably dominating me.

The men's curling team really stepped it up a notch winning back-to-back matches. Today they won in the 11th end with the hammer, something they have not been able to do in three other tries this Olympics. The Americans beat the Swiss 8-7 and actually got the big shots when they needed them. They defeated France 4-3 Friday for their first win, sitting their skip John Shuster. Gutsy call, but it worked. The announcers didn't like the call to sit him on Thursday but you know what if this were the MLB and your starter gives up five in three innings he is going to get yanked, so deal with it.

The women's curling team brought home a 6-5 win over the Brits today. I don't know what it is about curling but I am really getting into it. They are pretty sweet. It doesn't hurt that the women's team has some lookers on it. Sure they are married but hey, I don't mind what I see. Anyways, the women also won on Friday 6-4 over Russia. Good. Both teams are on a two game win streak and it is not out of the realm of possibility for them to get into the medal round. Don't get me wrong they are a longer shot and they have some really tough teams to play, but whatev.

Here were the hockey games from Saturday:

Switzerland 5
Norway 4

Slovakia 6
Latvia 0

Belarus 5
Germany 3

Women's short track speed skating was pretty much a joke. Korea took six of a possible nine medal places in three different races so that was pretty unsweet to watch. Still, good for them.

American Apolo Ohno set a new record with his seventh medal. Ohno's seventh medal broke a tie with long-track speedskater Bonnie Blair. He now has two gold, two silver and three bronze medals in his three Olympic appearances. The skater from Seattle already earned a silver in the 1,500 last weekend. Pretty sweet. Go America.

Big games on tomorrow. Russia/Czech at 11 AM, US/Canada 3:40 PM, Sweden/Finland 8:00 PM. What a group of games. I will try and get a preview up tomorrow for at least the US/Canada game but who knows. Tomorrow is my only day off so I will do what I can.


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