Sunday, February 28, 2010

Olympics Gold Medal Game - Hockey

United States


3:15 PM, Canada Hockey Place, Vancouver, BC

Well here is the game we have all been waiting for since Friday night. The United States and Canada. Coming into the Olympics most thought the USA had an outside shot of medaling, but nobody really gave them much shot of playing for gold. Then they go and win every game they played, including the one against the host country.

Canada Hockey Place is going to be rockin and the fans are going to be amped for this hockey game. As you know Canada basically has hockey and nothing else and gold was expected from this team from the very first day. Losing to the Americans would be a shot in the heart to the people, and the nation.

A lot of stats are being thrown out about this is the 50-year anniversary of a USA gold medal, team Canada has twice as many Cup wins as the US team, the size of the Canadians, but what does that all mean? Nothing. You can say whatever you want but its a one game, winner take all. Anything can happen.

This is more or less a rivalry game so you can definitely throw anything you want out the door, this is going to be a great game.

The USA needs to have a good first period, even if they are down one I think that is ok figuring in the venue and what is at stake. A good start is so important for this team to get some confidence.

It's game time baby.

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