Thursday, February 18, 2010

Olympics Tidbits

Day whatever of the Olympics is over and still the Americans hold the lead in the medal standings. This is how it looks as of 11:30 PM on Thursday, February 18:

1) United States - 17 (5,5,7)
2) Germany - 11 (4,4,3)
3) Norway - 8 (3,3,2)
4) Canada - 7 (3,3,1)
5) France - 7 (2,1,4)

Odds and Ends

The men's and women's curling team is taking it pretty hard. They both lost again today and it wasn't pretty. The men lost 7-6 to Denmark and skip John Shuster blew it again for the third straight day. What a terrible Olympics for that dude. He seems like a nice guy, but being a nice guy doesn't score you points.

The women's curling team also fell to Denmark, 7-6. It was bad for them. The US was up 4-2 after five ends but then it just all fell apart, highlighted by a three point seventh end for Denmark, when the US had the hammer. What a tough loss.

The US women's ice hockey team blanked Finland 6-0 in a quarterfinal game. Not a huge surprise, it will be the US and Canada for that gold medal game.

The men's ice hockey team took care of Norway 6-1. To be honest it wasn't all that spectacular of a game. The US played a lights out first period then kinda wandered around for the second before finally slamming the door in the third. Whatev. They will be ready for Sunday when Canada comes strolling in. Bet your bottom dollar on that.

In the halfpipe finals the US team took home a silver and bronze medal. The US is really starting to run away with these medals and it is great to see. The US has really grabbed onto snowboarding and made it their own. It is a sport that we are kinda taking over. I am ok with that.

The game of the night, however, had nothing to do with the United States. It was the Canada and Switzerland hockey game. What a game. Unreal. It took a shootout, but Canada brought home the win 3-2 for the home country. Who had the game winning shootout goal? Bing. Oh hell yea. Lets not get it twisted, Switzerland was playing some good hockey, namely Jonas Hiller. He made saves in the third period that no goaltender had any business making and the only reason that the Swiss got a point in that game.

What a day of Olympics. It will only be getting better. Buckle up.

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