Friday, February 12, 2010

Penguins Game Day 61 - vs. New York Rangers

New York Rangers

7:30 PM, Mellon Arena, Pittsburgh, PA

The Rangers just have been reeling. Gaborik has been hurt for the past couple days and he is a game time decision to play tonight. Without him this team is pretty bad. They are a one line team and he is far and away their best player. Hopefully we don't catch the Rangers on a hot day and we can get a couple of points. Finishing the games before the break strong will be really good for this team as Ottawa is pouring it one.

It is also worth noting that New Jersey is on the bring of total collapse and the Penguins are catching them fast. I remember a month ago when the Devils were up seven points on the Penguins will three games at hand. Not they have one game in hand and only up one point on the Penguins.

This will be the fifth meeting between the two teams this season with the Penguins winning all four of those contests.

Here is the Penguins 3-2 win in the Igloo for opening night:

Here is the Penguins 8-3 win on November 28 in Pittsburgh:

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand the Penguins win on November 30 win at MSG:

The Penguins went to MSG and won 4-2 on January 25.

Here are the lines thanks to the Penguins website:






Not too surprised Johnson is in net tonight. With the Olympic break coming up Johnson will not get a ton of work since he is not on an Olympic roster. Whatever. MAF will be back in net on Sunday and then go off to team Canada to practice. It will be a good situation I think. Johnson needs some time.

I don't know how much these line pairings mean because Disco usually makes 100 different line pairings in the first five minutes of the game anyways so it's whatever.

Here are the team comparisons:

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