Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sixburgh! How many yinz got?

I was up a little later tonight after I had word and I was reading through the PG and some of their articles since I don't get to read them a lot becuase of work and where I live (Alaska).

I came across this article by Robert Dvorchak of the PG. If this article does not give you goosebumps then you are not a human being.

For all of you that are pissed about this season for the Steelers please read this twice.

I have tried to preach this stuff to people all year but this is a really good piece.

Read it now.

I said NOW!

The best part of the whole article? The part that brought an uncontrolable laugh as I read it? The part that brought a tear to my eye? It was this:

To keep things in perspective for the past 10 years, however, remember the sign displayed by a jubilant fan on a Monday Night in Denver: Sixburgh! How Many Yinz Got?

Yea, how many do yinz go? Suck it NFL.

Here We Go

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