Sunday, February 7, 2010

Still Get a Point. Pens Lose

It was all there for the Penguins. A 4-1 lead, Bing and Staal were just on fire and the defense was playing some good hockey. Blocking a lot of shots and making it pretty hard for the Caps to get a ton of good looks on net. Then all hell broke loose and it was all over.

The Capitals reeled off four straight goals, including the overtime winner, to down the Penguins in D.C.

You could probably make all the excuses in the world about the bus ride and having to get in at 2 AM for a noon game but you will here none of that here.

The Penguins couldn't hold up their end of the bargin and they were beat in the third period. MAF didn't play his best game and his defense surely didn't give him any help. A bad defensive performance and some lazy play led to the Penguins loss.

Bing was off the charts today. He scored the Penguins first two goals and they were both sick. It was not enough.

You have to think Shero has something on the horn. You can not leave this defensive unit as is and expect to win a Stanley Cup. They have played better of late but I think some kind of shake up will probably happen to just try and sure some of that up, and even fire some guys up if Disco wants to healthy scratch someone to send a message. One thing is true in the NHL is that you can't have enough good d-men.

What probably will be overlooked but the Penguins power play was mud today. They scored on the first chance they got but wasted a ton of opportunities in the contest. They finished the game 1-of-6 on the power play but the one that hurt the most was the 5-on-3 they wasted as the end of the second period. At the time the Penguins were up 4-2 and going up 5-2 would have probably put this game over. What happened was the Penguins couldn't capitalize and the Caps really gained a lot of momentum off that.

The Penguins also got a HUGE break late when the Caps were called for a slashing call when it was really just Matt Cooke's stick breaking on its own but they mustered up nothing on that power play either. Really have to capitalize when you get chances to put teams away, especially when the team you are playing is as good at putting goals up as the Capitals are.

Today was what it was. It was a regular season game and the Penguins got a point. They didn't lose in regulation so they still picked up a point when the Devils and Senators both lost yesterday so it was not a total loss. Picking up a point is never bad but it really stings when you give up a three goal lead in a hostile arena like D.C.

It is going to be a wild ride with a lot of rumors flying around the next week or so. The Pens will be working on stuff but I wouldn't plan on seeing anything life shattering. Just stay the course.

Lets Go Pens

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