Sunday, March 7, 2010

Four Straight, Pens Win

The Penguins won for the fourth straight time and downed the Boston Bruins 2-1 at the Mellon Arena Sunday afternoon. Marc Andre Fleury grabbed his 31st victory of the season and his second in as many days.

Lets not get it twisted, Boston isn't really the Washington Capitals when it comes to goals so going in you knew that three goals was going to probably be enough for victory. That would have been a good assumption as it only took two.

The first period was rather pedestrian as both teams went into the break tied at zero. The Bruins only managed up three shots in the first, but not from a lack of attempts.

You would have thought someone went to the Bruins locker room and told them that whoever hits the glass behind the goaltender the most times will win. In that case Boston blew the Penguins out of the water in the first. Tim Thomas kept the Bruins in the game in the first and was their best player the entire game.

Both teams came out as world beaters. Great up and down hockey and a few goals were actually scored too! The Bruins were the first to get on the board on perplexing goal. MAF seems to have the puck covered but Blake Wheeler is able to stab it in. Kinda seemed like the whistle should have been blown, but whatev.

The Penguins then got their make up call. Almost the same exact thing happened. Crosby got the puck to Dupuis who had his initial shot blocked but he was able to punch it in from Timmy's pad into the back of the net.

Thomas actually threw his blocker off to protest the goal, or he wanted a cheeseburger, either way he didn't get what he wanted.

Speaking on Dupuis how good has this guy been? I mean a ton of people write this guy off if you don't hear his name in a good way for two games you want him cut. This is the kind of guy every team needs. A grinder that does it all. He is on the PK, he flanks Sid's wing, he plays on the fourth line, what more do you want? Dupers would probably be the guy out when Billy G gets back but now I don't know how you take this guy out of the lineup. He was everywhere today, and the other games since the break.

After the second ended with a 1-1 tie I really thought the game was going to go into overtime. I mean getting a point today wouldn't have been the worst thing in the world on the second day of back-to-backs. Enter Geno Malkin.

The new guy, Poni, dishes Geno a pass and then darts to the net, taking a defenseman and screening Timmy as Geno gets a shot. Glove side. Cash. Two points in two games for Poni. He is doing exactly what we thought he was going to do. Cause trouble in front of the net and do the dirty work. He is a big man and he seems to know what to do.

The Penguins shut the door the rest of the game and MAF was rock solid to finish.

Matt Cooke overshadowed the win with a head shot to Marc Savard. Savard was on the ice for about 10 min until he was carted off and taken to the hospital with a concussion. I will have a post tonight or tomorrow about what I think on the hit.

MAF wasn't flashy, but when is he ever? He does what he does. Makes big saves when he needs to and just gets the Penguins the wins. He is the man.

Lots of games left. Magic number is like 20 points, or something.

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