Thursday, March 4, 2010

Penguins Game Day 64 - @ New York Rangers

New York Rangers

7:00 PM, Madison Square Garden, New York, NY

Here are the lines for tonight's game thanks to the Penguins Web Site:






Nice to see MAFer back in the lineup after an off day. HCDB said he was going to sit because he didn't get any play in the Olympics and that he also didn't get a great deal of practice time so he needed to get back into the swing of things. Who cares. He is a beast.

Poni will not be in the lineup tonight as he is not able to obtain a Visa until tomorrow. I know I have no idea about this kinda stuff but this kinda seems like a thing you should already have right? I could be totally off base here, and if I am I am sorry. Maybe not.

This will be the sixth and final meeting between the two teams. So far the Penguins are 4-0-1 against the Rangers. How awesome would it be to no lose to them at all this year?

The Penguins actually lost in overtime on February 12 3-2:

The Penguins went to MSG and won 4-2 on January 25.

The Penguins win on November 30 win at MSG:

Here is the Penguins 8-3 win on November 28 in Pittsburgh:

Here is the Penguins 3-2 win in the Igloo for opening night:

Here ya go with some team comparisons:

Do it.

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