Saturday, March 6, 2010

Penguins Game Day 65 - vs. Dallas Stars

Dallas Stars

1:00 PM, Mellon Arena, Pittsburgh, PA

The Penguins are going to meet up with the Dallas Stars at the Mellon Arena for a day game. Is it me or do day games just leave you kinda blah? I mean hockey is supposed to be played at 7, it should be like part of the bible or something.

Back to the game at hand. The Stars are starting on a tough three-game road swing with Eastern Conference teams. Tomorrow it's the Pens, Monday it's the Caps and Wednesday it's the Sabres. That is a tough three game stretch.

Yes, Mike Madano still plays for the Dallas Stars. He was born in 1970. I mean for real? Turko is the real deal. He can steal a game from you.

The Stars have a defenseman on the roster named Jeff Woywitka. Just let that sink in. I mean you have a rockin last name like Woywitka and your first name is Jeff. What were his parents thinking? With a name like that you have to have a slammin first name. Get to the comments and give some first names that could make him more awesome.

The Penguins have been playing some really spirited hockey since coming back from the break. I mean 55 shots against the Rangers, holy shit. Disco knows what is going on. MAF needed to get pulled last game and what a job of pulling him only down two goals rather than waiting until it was a three or four score game. What a coach.

Here are the Pens lines from the Pens website:




Oh yea, Alexei Ponikarovsky will play his first game for the Penguins. He most likely will share a line with Geno and Tenk, but nothing is set in stone. Who is going to be the odd man out? Talbot? Dupuis? Adams? Rupp? I honestly have no idea who you sit. Dupes has been lights out, Adams is money on the PK and defense, Talbot is clutch as all hell and Rupp has been cash recently. What a problem to have.

The Penguins and Stars meet for the first, and only time, but did take away a 4-1 win last season:

Hopefully it's the same this year.

Here are the statistical breakdowns:

Do it.

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