Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Penguins Game Day 70 - @ New Jersey Devils

New Jersey Devils

7:00 PM,Prudential Center, Newark, NJ

Wow, doesn't it seem like the Penguins were just at the Rock? Oh that is right, because they were.

Geno Malkin is going to be out of the lineup tonight after getting hit by a Kris Letang shot against Tampa Bay. The good news is that Geno isn't going to be out for very long. The tests were all negative. That is good. Some people want to make the off comment remark that Geno has been "out" all season since he has been "struggling". I guess top 20 in points is struggling. Jokes.

The lineups, without Geno, thanks to the Penguins web site:




Nothing too out of the ordinary. To be honest you never know with Disco what the lines are going to be like. They could change 100 times during the game so you can usually take lines with a grain of salt.

I guess if you look at it, the Penguins are due. They have scored only three goals in the five games. Damn.

The Penguins lost the last meeting with New Jersey 3-1 like three hours ago:

On December 30, the Penguins lost 2-0 in New Jersey

The Guins were shut out 4-0 on December 21:

On November 12 the Penguins lost 4-1 at the Igloo:

The Penguins opened up the season series with a 4-1 loss on October 24:

Team Comparisons:

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