Thursday, March 18, 2010

Penguins Game Day 71 - @ Boston Bruins

Boston Bruins

7:00 PM, TD Garden, Boston, Mass

This will be the "revenge" game from the hit Matt Cooke put on Marc Savard earlier this month.

Was it cheap? Yea, probably. Should he have been suspended? Yea, probably. Do you think I care about this anymore? No, not one bit. It is over. Who cares. That is Savard's like eighth concussion (no lie) while in the NHL. I mean it wasn't like this was his first and it took a lot to give him one. A fly landing on the dude's head gives him a concussion anymore.

I am not saying what Matt Cooke did was right, because it wasn't, but lets not treat this like he took a knife and tried to decapitate him.

If the Bruins want to try to get even I say that is good. The Penguins will focus on winning the game and the Bruins can focus on trying to get back at the Penguins. I mean the Bruins are trying to get into the playoffs and they want to worry about trying to make Sidney Crosby bleed.

Here are the lines for tonight per the Penguins web site:







Geno is going to be out again after getting hit with a shot a few days ago. Not a big deal. Get some rest Geno, you will be needed for the playoffs.

Tim Thomas isn't going to be in net for the Bruins. Interesting since he was lights out against the Penguins the last time these two teams played.

This will be the fourth and final game between these two teams this season.

The Penguins got a huge win on March 7 in a 2-1 win:

The Penguins pulled away a 6-5 overtime win at the Mellon on November 14:

November 10 the Penguins got shut out by Timmy:


The Penguins win this because they actually care about making the playoffs and winning the game. Boston is too preoccupied.

Do it.

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