Friday, March 5, 2010

Roethlisberger Accused Again

Well another day, another Ben Roethlisberger acquisition about sexually abusing someone. Big whoop.

Ben was in Georgia partying with some friends and supposedly some 20-year old college student was sexually assaulted by Mr. Roethlisberger.

No charges have been filed although Ben did talk to the police about it.

The best part about this whole thing was that the girl described her attacker as "6'5, 241 pounds." Are you flippin kidding me? Who in their right mind tells the police that kind of weight. Sounds pretty much like she did something stupid that even the dirtiest of people would be embarrassed about and she wanted to save face. She probably took her IPhone or Blackberry and looked up Ben's info on the Steelers website and used that. What a joke.

Before you go and freak out, I realize her story could be true. If it is I will eat crow, but I don't believe it. I am sure Ben could have one of 100 girls there that night so I am sure sexually assaulting a girl just to get some wouldn't need to happen.

Whatever, Ben isn't the greatest person in the world but we don't pay Ben to be a great person, we pay him to win Super Bowls.

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  1. Roethlisberger could be facing lengthy suspension

    New reports suggest that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is considering suspending Ben Roethlisberger after the Steelers quarterback failed to make a good impression in their much-anticipated closed-door meeting on Monday.