Monday, March 22, 2010

Scouring the Web

Well I know things have not been on the up and up here on the blog for the past month or so and you know what, that is the way it goes. I have been busy with trips and stuff and I will be out of town again next week so I thought I would come on and give you a little of this and that from around the web.

First, and foremost, Joe Mauer signed an eight year, $187 million contract today. Holy shit. That comes out to about $23 mil. a year for the next eight years. It keeps one of the best players in baseball in Minnesota for probably the rest of his career. The question is now if that deal is a good move for the Twins. Mauer is 27 years old and he is a catcher. I am sure his knees are not 21 years old so to think he is going to catch and hit at this level into his 35th birthday is a little hard to imagine. Sure he can be a DH but can he be $23 mil. productive? I doubt it. I just think it is too many years, but what do I know. I think a four, maybe five, years would have been great, eight is too many.

The Pitt Panthers were knocked out in the second round of the NCAA Tournament today by Xavier despite a great second half comeback. Lets not get it twisted, this was a good game by the Panthers today. They started off the game with a tough shooting stretch but really played some good basketball, they just rank into a red hot Xavier team.

If feel somehow let down by this Pitt men's basketball team then you need to come back to reality. This Pitt team exceeded any expectations from pretty much everyone in college basketball. The Panthers lost four starters and 67% of their offense this year and were picked to finished 9th in the Big East. What did they do? Finished 2nd in the Big East and wrapped up a three seed in the NCAA tournament for the youngest Big East team. This Pitt team didn't disappoint anyone. This Pitt team proved that Jamie Dixon is one of the best, if not the best, college basketball coach in the game. This shows that his system works and he can motivate his kids no matter what the press or fans are saying. This guy showed his coaching ability and this basketball team gave 110% every single game. I can't really express how impressed I was with the Panthers this year and I would rate their season as great.

If you somehow think this Pitt team is disappointing then don't ever watch college basketball ever again.

Pittsburgh Steelers management is going to take a wait and see approach to the Big Ben situation. This should be interesting. I guess I can see where they come from because Ben has yet to be proved of doing anything wrong in the two times he has been accused of raping these girls. My gut says he didn't do either, but it is becoming a pattern and the Comish isn't going to be so forgiving if this would happen again. Get your shit together Ben. turns out that

The Penguins lost in overtime to the Carolina Hurricanes yesterday. Now that might not seem too bad because the Penguins go the point and getting points is the name of the game, but how they lost really sucks. The Hurricanes beat the Guins with .9 seconds left in overtime. Vomit.

It turns out that the Steelers will NOT be drafting a QB. Shocker

The Pirates are getting ready to start the season. I will try and have a preview up ASAP. No promises here, I am busy nowadays.

Finally there seems to be a fanpage that was created on Facebook for "Not being raped by Ben Roethlisberger" Real sweet. I mean that just shows a ton of class. Here is the page. Report it. As much as I like to poke fun I would never do something of this bad of taste. Get a life.

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