Friday, March 19, 2010

Touring Lambeau Field

I was on a trip for work this past week which took me to Marquette, MI and along the way I got to stay two nights in Green Bay. I was able to hook up with a tour of Lambeau Field on my last night there and it was awesome.

As a Pittsburgh fan I can appreciate the history and the ins and outs of a great football franchise like the Green Bay Packers. This was an unbelievable tour and Lambeau Field is a great facility.

Here are the pictures that I was able to take with some captions underneath them (as if you couldn't figure out what they were.)

This loooks outside the Don Hutson Center which is where the Packers practice facility is. This is located right beside the field and is where the kids ride the players to on their bikes for training camp. The grass fields they have are out of control. I was told that there are 3,000 tickets that are sold for practice and there are actually scalpers who sell these tickets outside.
This is an outside shot of Lambeau Field from across the street. It is pretty sweet to see as you are driving by.

The Packers actually have a basketball court in the stadium. Got some good stories about how players and famous people would come in and play before they would do shows. It is a smaller court but for some 4-on-4 it is pretty decent.

This is right inside where they keep the three Super Bowl trophies. It was pretty awesome to see the jerseys of all those players.

Huh, three, I have seen six at one time. Can't really remember where that is though...

There is Ryan Grant's locker.

Aaron Rodgers locker.

The Packers weight room facility. What an amazingly big place. Most places have a max of 100 point dumbells, well in there they have 140 pound dumbells. Pretty big place and they have anything you need workout wise.

Inside the weight room with my flash going off.

Here is the Green Bay logo inside the locker room. The logo takes up like the whole carpet space so that is pretty cool.

All-in-all it was an amazing facility with a lot to offer. I highly recomend that if you have a chance to take a tour of it you do.

Steelers are still better.

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