Monday, March 1, 2010

Your Move Mr. Shero

Well, the Olympics are over and what is there to look forward to? Oh yea, NHL hockey and the trade deadline and playoff push. I guess that is ok. The Avs and Wings kicked off tonight and the trades are already flowing.

Cue Mr. Shero.

Jordan Leopold is now a Pittsburgh Penguin thanks to Ray Shero and a second round pick of the upcoming draft.

Leopold is a puck moving defenseman who has scored 18 points this season (7+11) and has won a Stanley Cup with the Calgary Flames (I think).

I will be eager to see if he will be in the lineup tomorrow night, although that may have been announced and I just don't know it, and how he fits into this lineup. You can't help but think that this good way to give some blue liners a swift kick in the ass.

It can't be hidden that the Penguins have some problems on the defensive end, but with Marty Skoula being sub par for much of the season they needed another reliable man on the blue line to stabilize it.

Most of what I read was good about Leopold so I will hold off on making any rash judgments. I trust Ray Shero more than I do myself so I think we will be alright.

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