Sunday, April 4, 2010

2010 Pittsburgh Pirates Preview: Predictions

So you might be asking me a question as such: How do you think the Pirates will do this season? That is pretty easy, I don’t think they are going to be a great team. Over the last five seasons they have only averaged 66 wins a season over the last five seasons. I do not think they will break their consecutive losing seasons streak and I think the best guess for a win amount will be around 70. The offense for this team isn’t going to be pretty and with the loss of Jack Wilson/Freddy Sanchez/Adam LaRoche is going to take its toll on what once was the best defense in major league baseball.

The reason this season is different than all others is that this team is going to be plugging in pieces for the future. They have already started that with Andrew McCutchen in centerfield and will be more on that path when Tabata, Lincoln and Alverez make their major league debuts later this season. I have said before that this season is a wash and finally we have a true “rebuilding” process going. Those guys can get their feet wet in the majors and maybe we can start to see some improvement for next year. If things go well and they can win some games I would be more than happy with that, but I really don’t expect it.

When was the last time as a Pirates fan that you can remember since the Bonds era that you could talk about more than one prospect in the system that was looking to make a major impact on the big club? We finally have that this year and it is very reassuring to know that management ahs got something back for the pieces (or team) we traded away when we blew the entire club up.

That being said this is the most excited I have been for a Pirates season in a really long time. The Pirates finally have some young talent that they are developing and that people are actually talking about. I know people are still complaining about this administration and how they haven’t won yet but just going out and spending tons on money on free agents isn’t how it is done. Ask the New York Mets. I like the direction the Pirates are in and I am along for the ride, no matter what direction it takes me.

Lets Go Bucs.

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