Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ben Sits, Steelers Shouldn't Trade

As I am sure you all already know the QB we most affectionately know as "Big Ben" will be sitting down for anywhere from 4-6 games as handed down from Commissioner Roger Goodell. The suspension will be contingent on Ben completing some sort of "treatment". If he complies with what Mr. Goodell says then he will only sit four games, which will bring him back against the Cleveland Browns on week six, after the Steelers bye week in week five.

Now make no mistake, what Ben did was extremely stupid and something that he probably should have thought a second time about before he went into that bathroom where anything can happen. Nobody knows for sure what happened in that bathroom. The only two people who know what happened are that 20-year old girl and Ben. Nobody else has any idea no matter what the police report says. Anything could have been said in that police report and from what I have been seeing most people are taking that as Gospel. But that is whatever.

Everything in that police report was very tough to hear and has made the fans of Pittsburgh really turn on Ben and a lot of them are throwing away their jerseys and saying they will never root for him again. Fair enough. A lot of people want Ben traded to keep up the high regards that the NFL, and it seems everyone, has for the Steelers organization. Some points that people are saying are very valid, but I just don't see it.

I think I am one of the select few who thinks it would be rediculous if the Steelers traded Ben. I listen to ESPN 1250 everyday and from what I am hearing I am probably in the 15% of people that think we need to keep the big guy. Now I know the people that call 1250 isn't the end all be all of what the city of Pittsburgh thinks, but when I have listened to the show for two straight weeks and hearing all the callers from both shows (Stan, Guy, Chris and The Drive) then I feel I can get a little sense of what is going on.

Trading Ben puts this team back a minimum of three years. It is very clear that the Steelers are unable to move up into the draft to get the number one pick overall, which is held by the St. Louis Rams, so you can't think they are going to get that "franchise QB" in a top ten pick. The Rams are almost certain to take Sam Bradford, who the Steelers are very, very high on and think he can be that Big Ben type of guy in the NFL. The Steelers at best are going to get maybe an eighth overall pick in the draft. They can take that number eight pick and get the franchise lineman on the board, but that isn't going to get the Steelers to the Super Bowl. Dennis Dixon, Charlie Batch and Byron Leftwhich is on the roster now. None of those players are leading the Steelers to the Super Bowl in the next three years.

In order to be successful again the Steelers would probably have to find that QB through the draft or find a young guy to mold. The Steelers aren't the kind of team to go out and buy the big name QB when they become free agents, that is just the way it is. All of you want the Steelers to be the model franchise and keep things the way they are, well if they are going to stay the way they are then they are not going to go out and buy the big name guy. That means through the draft. For those of you that think you can just go out and get a QB and he comes in and does what Ben or Joe Flacco did then you have another thing coming. Those were special situations that don't happen every year. To develop a QB and be a legit contender that will take at least three years.

Lets not forget this is a Steelers team that is ready to win, right now. They resigned a lot of their verteran players and they are a team that has always played for right now. Trading Ben throws that out the window. I truely feel that Ben has another great five years and would not be surprised if the Steelers could win two more Super Bowls in that time frame. Ben is a very special player, one of a kind, and he has grown into this Steelers system. Hell, he has redefined the Steelers offense and put up passing numbers that have never been seen before and everyone wants to throw him away because he made a mistake, albeit a bad one, a mistake.

Ben was not arrested, he was not charged, nothing. Is he guilty of bad judgement? Hell yea. Is it reprehensible that he took a 20-yaer old girl back to a club bathroom to do God knows what? Hell yea. Does he deserve the chance to change as a person and show everyone that he can turn a new leaf? You bet your ass.

This takes a much different look because Ben is the franchise QB of one of the best football teams in the NFL. Just sit back a second and think if this was you. You go out and do something dumb and someone says something about it. All the things that person said were not true, some were, and some things were half true, but exagerated. You know you were wrong and all you wanted to do was move on. Would it be ok for everyone to write you off and throw you out of your apartment onto the street because you made a mistake? Wouldn't you want people to give you the chance to show you that you made a mistake and that you can bounce back. Wouldn't you feel that you had something to prove to people that one instance shouldn't define your whole entire life? I know I would want that chance.

I have made mistakes, I have had second and third chances and I have changed for the better. Lets not rush to judgement on Ben because he likes to go out and party. He is 28 years old and single. Now, that being said, should he stop going out and chill out a little bit? He better. Not he better, he has to. He has to realize what is at stake.

Remember when Kobe was actually put on trial for raping a women in Colorado? He got through that and now people don't even remember that. The charges were droped and he is still winning championships and people in LA love him.

Trading Ben is just bad all around. He is our franchise QB and I will bet this. When the Steelers are playing in late December and are fighting for a possible division title and there is two minutes left against the Bengals down by four do you think Heinz Field is going to be booing him every time he converts a third and six? Get your mind right people. Football is a business and the pay off is winning.

Like I said, Ben is guilty of bad decision making. So are a lot of people. The Steelers pay him to win football games. I watch him to see him do waht he is paid to do, win football games. Do I watch the game and cheer for him and the team to see him interact nicely with his teammates? No. Again I know some people will read this and think that it is ok what he did in Georgia, it is not. I do not agree with what Ben did there and think it is terrible. He was not charged though. We need to move on and keep him as the QB of this franchise.

Thoughts? Hit me up in the comments, I am interested to see what people think.

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  1. Completely agree with what you've written. No question that Ben is guilty of bad judgement, but he can still turn everything around. Good franchise QB's don't grow on trees. If the Steelers trade him, it would be one of the biggest mistakes in franchise history.