Sunday, April 11, 2010

Holmes, Gone

In a complete and utter shocker the Steelers shipped off Super Bowl MVP Santio Holmes to the New York Jets for what is reported to be a fifth round pick.

[New York Jets Site]

[Peter King Twitter]


I guess we can look at this as inevitable. The Steelers were not going to sign Holmes, as he will be a Free Agent this year, and Holmes is already suspended for four games right off the bat.

Maybe there is some new evidence that the public does not know about for the case that is against him in Florida that will tack on some games. Games might get tacked on regardless because as we well know this isn't strike one against Tone.

Is a fifth round pick enough for his talent? No. But looking at all the facts makes more sense. This is a 12 game rental at most for the New York Jets. The Steelers were not going to sign him so they got what they felt what they could for them BEFORE THE DRAFT.

The draft board is much more wide open, hello Dez Bryant.

I trust the Rooneys. They are ballers.

More to come as we find shit out.

Here We Go.

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