Wednesday, April 14, 2010

No Panic Here, Pens Lose

There are about 20 different ways you can go about looking at the horrific game one which was the Penguins and the Ottawa Senators at the Igloo for game one of the playoffs.

There is no better picture of this game of what this game was than when the Penguins went down 3-1 off the terrible bounce off the end boards right to Chris Kelly's stick when MAF went out to play it around the boards. Kelly deposited the puck into an empty net and if you were like me you got that sick feeling in your stomach. The feeling that makes you say out loud "This is going to be a long night". It was a long night.

Every single time the Penguins go the margin within one the Senators came right back. The big key to the win tonight is the secondary scoring that Ottawa got. Peter Regin, Chris Neil, Kelly and Jarkko Ruutu all scored for the Sens. Not Spezza and not Alfredsson, flippin Chris Neil.

The Bad:

Marc Andre Fleury - Granted the defense wasn't the best tonight but MAF really wasn't on his A game. It was more like his C- game or his D game at best. They Penguins were clawing back into this game the Sens came back with goals. Flower only stopped 21 of 26 shots and never looked "in the game". Good thing this is only game one.

Taking terrible penalties - Good Lord did the Penguins take some terrible penalties tonight. This is bad habit the Pens have been getting into this latter part of the year. Every time there was some momentum the Penguins would take a penalty and the Sens power play would cash in. Kunitz took a bad one, Letang took a bad one and they both led to a momentum shift that really affected the game.

Puck possession - If there was a TOP stat in the game then the Sens would have shown a very big advantage. It just seemed like they always had the puck. After the Penguins scored their fourth goal to make the score 5-4 with a little over two minutes to play the Sens held the puck in the Pittsburgh zone for over a minute. Pretty dominating.

The Good:

The power play - At times the popwer play didn't look so how but any time you can snap in two power play goals you are doing something right. The Senators have a pretty good PK unit and I thought the power play was pretty good in that aspect. Keep that up and we will be ok.

Brian Elliot (in a good way for Pittsburgh) - Listen this was Elliot's first playoff game and it showed. The Penguins only got 21 shots on net, but four of them found the back. Get more pucks on net and this game goes a totally different series. Elliot is going to be suspect and the Penguins are going to have their chances.

Only losing by a goal - I mean lets be serious. Outside of the first six minutes of the game the Penguins were all out of sorts and they only lost by a goal. Can you imagine if the Penguins even played a half decent game? Yea, that is what I thought.

This is only game one - If this were a one game playoff series I would be worried. It is best of seven. Bing is pissed.

Pens in 5. Book it.

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