Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Penguins Are Experts, Pens Win

Oh man what a great game this was. This was a direct pick up off of game two where the Penguins were dominate the entire game, but they could only win by one goal. The difference tonight? They won by more than one goal. This was another dominating performance and the Senators were frustrated all game and what showed this the most was in the third period, the Sens were down 4-1, Fleury makes a save, Neil tries to be a douche (well he doesn't have to try) and Mark Eaton and Jarrko Ruutu get tangled up. Ruutu wants to go and what does Eaton do? Laugh in his face and skate away, that is all that needed to be done.

There is no doubt that the Penguins are in the Senators heads. The third period was Ottawa taking a ton of cheap shots and trying to get the Penguins to bite and start something to hopefully spark their team to win. You know what happened? The Penguins literally just laughed in the faces of the likes of thugs like Ruutu and Neil. The Penguins are in the Senators heads and if they can get a win on Tuesday this series will be over in five games.

The Penguins jumped out early in the first period, less than a few minutes in. Poni finally showed up and beat Elliot short side, for the like 15th time, and gave the Penguins the early lead in the game. The first goal is always important but especially on the road in a tied series. The Sens got a goal late in the period but it was disallowed as Regin kicked the puck into the net. Nice job Pele.

The defense has been nothing less than great in games two and three. Game one was a terrible game and basically it had people wondering if they were ever going to be able to fix it for the playoffs. The last two games have shown that the Penguins have worked on their defensive system. The Penguins are not letting the Sens get the puck up the middle and they are rubbing everyone to the outside and forcing shots that MAF can see and easily direct to backchecking forwards. They look good and if they keep improving this is going to be a tough team to beat.

Alex Goligoski has been a different player, just the the whole unit has. He is doing a nice job staying in his zone and that was very evident tonight. He has is very much improved on the power play. Sure, the power play didn't look great tonight but Gogo did a nice job at the left point, keeping pucks in and picking his spots to pinch.

How would Brian Elliot respond to playoff hockey? Well tonight he gave up, at one point, four goals in 16 shots. 25% of the Penguins shots were going in midway through the third period. Some goaltending.

Coming into the playoffs a lot was being made of Geno's nact for taking bad penalties and sometimes retaliating and costing his team a power play or two. Geno has done none of the sort so far this playoff series. Chris Neil came after Geno all night and what did Geno do? Nothing. It was perfect. When Geno realized that he drew a penalty he just skated a way. That is what I am talking about.

I keep saying it and I am not sure why I have to repeat myself but some people still don't understand that Sidney Crosby is the best player not just in the NHL, but in the entire world. What he did to score the third goal of the game today was just a thing of beauty. He is the best play in the game all around. What is shockingly amazing (to some) about his game is how hard it is to knock him off the puck. He is so strong with the puck and if you can get it off of him in a one on one situation you know you have done something right.

VS was a whole lot of fail tonight. Take a look at this picture, this was after the second period:

In case you can't make out my grainy Blackberry camera picture here is one from Damian over at Pens Universe:

I can't imagine that someone let this go on the air. First off you have the wrong logo for the Penguins AND the Senators and if you notice this is the end of the second period, and the score is wrong. What a bunch of fail.

I will stick up for VS though. NBC would never air an original game (Penguins/Senators) and then pick up the other two games after the original game was over. Going to more hockey after the Penguins game is nice because you get what you want. The Blackhawks/Preds game was on and then the San Jose/Colorado game was on right after that. Very nice job by VS, and they let the Penguins to have the big screen. VS > NBC, by a lot.

The last thing I will talk about is how terrible the Senators fans were tonight. According to them the Sens did not commit a single penalty tonight.

I thought Philadelphia fans would be at their game against the Devils, not posing as Ottawa fans in Canada's capital. Also I guess it was refreshing how they booed Sidney Crosby. Seriously when are teams going to learn that just fuels his fire. Speaking of Sid it is pretty sweet that Volchenkov and Phillips have been on the ice for six of Bing's seven points in the series. Some shutdown pair.

Thank God Campbell didn't suspend Sutton. What a liability.

Sidney Crosby is an expert Andy.

woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 2-1, suck it.


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