Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Penguins Playoff Game Day 4 - Conference Quarterfinals @ Ottawa Senators

Ottawa Senators

7:00 PM, Scotiabank Place, Ottawa

The Penguins look to take a strangle hold on the series tonight when they once again visit Scotiabank Place for game four of the best of seven series. The Sens are gonna be coming out full force tonight as this pretty much their playoffs tonight. If the Sens lose tonight you can bet your bottom dollar the white clad Penguins fans will not let them get out alive on Thursday night.

These are the types of games you have to get out, weather the strom and then put your foot down on the throat of the opponent and make it known you are not going to take anything less than a dominant performance.

Some joke writer in Ottawa said that Mike Fisher should shaddow Sidney Crosby tonight for the game. Does this dude realize you can't clutch and grab like you could in 1990? Great, shadow Sid. Throw Staal and Malkin out there with him. Good luck with that. As Phillips and Vonchenkov how shutting down Sid has been.

Andy your thoughts?

Suck it.

The Penguins should roll out with the exact same lineup. Interesting to see if Mad Max can score some time with Geno. They were lights out last year and Max is starting to turn it on.

Jon Cheechoo will be in for the Sens tonight. Remember when EVERYONE wanted him on the Penguins. Talk about one year wonder.

This is it. Lets start the process of finishing this thing off.

Do it.

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