Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pens/Caps Post Game (Caps 6, Pens 3)

Last night was quite possibly my last game at Mellon Arena, ever. I will most likely not be back for the playoffs, although there is still some hope. That being said it was a bitter sweet game last night, not only for me, but for most of the people in attendance who cared to stay the whole game.

The Washington Capitals once again went 4-0 against the Penguins in the regular season for the second straight year and pushed their unbeaten streak to 10 regular season games against the Black and Gold.

Just some general notes I saw from the F balcony last night:

- MAF wasn't good at all. I don't put that first goal on him, although it was a savable shot, but the next two he gave up were pretty tough to watch. They were even harder to watch because they were directly after the Penguins had cut the lead to one goal, something they did three times last night. MAF has been pretty solid as of late and has been logging a lot of minutes. Those of you who legit think he should sit for the playoffs need to turn in your bandwagon fan card and go root for the Flyers or Caps.

- This was the 8th time that MAF was pulled this season compared to only four times last season. Not really sure what that means, just thought it was different.

- I always knew that the Caps were deep and unbelievably talented but they have a ton of people with like 30 goals. Everyone knows that Ovechkin leads the team in points, 106 after his two goals last night, but Backstrom now has 31 goals and 98 points and Alex Semin has 39 goals and 80 points this season. Scary good.

- The Penguins are now 0-10 against the Caps and Devils this season. That is most likely the top two seeds out of the East this season and they will probably have to beat one of them in the post season. This is kind of bothersome (ok more than kin of) but I am not ready to jump off a bridge.

- I think it is probably time to get Jordan Leopold on the first power play unit. GoGo just doesn't look comfortable on the point and looks unsure and that is a place that Leopold has played before and he has look good of late. Ride the hot hand.

- That being said I can't even explain how utterly ridiculous it was to listen to people bitch at the game about GoGo. There were people who I thought were only there to bash GoGo and the entire team for EVERY mistake they made. Am I saying that Alex has been playing great hockey, because he has not, but come on. This is only his first full season playing hockey. This reminds me of when people wanted Mark Eaton cut or traded for pucks and he turned out to be alright. That being said he does need to step up for the Penguins to go deep.

- Geno being scratched just took everything out of the arena last night when scratches were announced. Listening to the scratches before the game it wasn't real surprising to hear Mike Green was scratched, as he was the night before, but it was just a total shock to hear about Malkin and it took a toll on the fans in the arena. I heard it was just an illness so I hope he is back Thursday.

- I was honestly embarrassed last night with a wide majority of the fans. The arena was empty with about three minutes to go in the game. I have been to some of the worst losses in that arena (see Florida 6-1 waxing last year) and I would never think of leaving a game early. Most people last night must think we play in the RBC Center for a team that hasn't made the playoffs, let alone been to the Cup Finals the past two season. Get in or get out, and stay out.

- There were actually some jokes calling the post game wrap up on the X and said that Disco was disrespecting Sid by pulling Beej and "letting" AO score the empty net goal. Are you kidding me? This just wasn't one person, it was three and I only listened for about 40 min. What jokes. I am not talking about the empty net goal because I don't give a shit.

- The Penguins will most likely get to play the Sens in the playoffs. Bring it.

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