Sunday, May 23, 2010

Around the Horn

Still not a lot going on. The Steelers get long weekends, the Pirates are their usual up and down for this time of year and Mellon Arena was emptied for the very last time. Other than that there isn't too much going on. Dice K almost went no-no last night but it was broken up by the Philies in the eighth inning.

The Flyers and Blackhawks both have 3-1 series leads in the Conference Finals. Typing that out makes me want to throw up.

Here are some more links for the slow days. Working slowly but surely on a Penguins wrapup. Who knows when it will be done.

Is Jack Wilson thinking of retiring? [MLB Trade Rumors]

Ron Cook thinks that trading Evgeni Malkin is a good idea. Good Lord. [Joke]

Neil Walker should be with the big club [Bucs Dugout]

Pens Universe goes over the Penguins UFA and tells us what they think should happen with all of them. [Pens Universe]

Anton Volchekov to the Captials? [Ottawa Sun]

The Steelers QB situation to start the season is up in the air [Post Gazette]


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