Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Calm

Right now it is the calm before the storm. You know something is coming. You know it is big. You try to keep your head focused on something else, but it doesn't work. You are basically useless at work, food has no taste, you see no color your significant other might start to think you are homosexual (not that there is anything wrong with that). This is what game seven does to your body and life. It sucks everything out of you until the puck drops.

All day you listen to the radio, watch TV, talk to friends and pull out all the BS stats you can about the situation you are in. You convince yourself that a home team winning a game seven in the second round of the Eastern Conference 51% of the time is all you need to know that the Penguins are going to bring this one home. You spend all your time trying to figure out reasons to tell your friends and coworkers to make yourself calm. It doesn't work. You are a nervous wreck.

Thankfully the game is going to happen on two days later and we don't have to suffer for a week or something stupid like that. You know how it is. Today all you did was look at the clock and think to yourself how much longer it was until game time. You just wish it was time to get off work on Wednesday when you could go home and get prepped for the game. Just to settle in, watch the pregame and check out the arena as it fill to capacity.

The arena is going to be amazing. If you check out the Penguins website today it had a great article where some of the Pens talked about what it is like to come out for warm ups to the roar of the crowd. We are going to need another level from the white clad faithful tomorrow night. Levels that haven't been reached since last year in the SCF. No talk about what this could be. No need to.

As I walked into the gym today there is a whiteboard and this was written on it:

"Setbacks, They are a part of life. What separates us is how we deal with them."

So true. How appropriate.

This is what it's all about. The thrill of the moment. Get your mind right.

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