Sunday, May 16, 2010

Enough of this Crap

Lets just get this ridiculous rumor out of way. Evgeni Malkin will not and should not get traded. As bad as Rob Rossi might want to get Geno out of town it is the wrong move to make. I mean sure why not trade Malkin who won the Conn Smythe last year when the Penguins won the damn Stanley Cup. Jokes.

Lets take a look at Malkin's history while being at the NHL:

- 381 points in 309 NHL games played
- 143 goals
- Calder Trophy winner in his rookie season
- 73 points in 62 NHL playoffs games
- 36 points in the Penguins Stanley Cup run
- 113 points in 2008-2009 and 35 goals
- 106 points in 2007-2008 and 47 goals

Reason you might want to ship Malkin elsewhere:

- You are Rob Rossi
- You hate Evgeni Malkin
- Your favorite team is not the Penguins and you want them to trade him to your team
- You are an idiot
- All of the above

I am not really sure why everyone is so up in arms about getting rid of Geno. Sure his 77 points this season was the lowest of his NHL career, but he only played in 67 games. Sure he wasn't the best in that playoffs but as I have said before, you can't win it every year.

The point is that Geno is 23 years old. Yea, that is right, 23 years old. He hasn't even hit his prime years and people are trying to get rid of this kid to get Jack Johnson. Jack fucking Johnson. Are these people serious when they talk about getting Jack Johnson back for Geno? Sure Johnson is good but he doesn't even sniff the talent that Geno has in just his left leg.

There is no package out there that a team could put together that would be fair trade value for him. People need to realize this is not NHL 2010 and you just can't turn off the Salary Cap in order to build the team to want to dominate the computer on rookie mode.

Look, I get the idea of freeing up cap space to get Sid some legit wingers and move Jordan Staal up to the second line and get him some more big time minutes. Staal is a great player, why we signed him up. Malkin is also a great player. Why mess with what works. Going to the Cup Finals in back-to-back years and winning one of them isn't too bad, I don't think.

The Penguins went away from the "one big line" theory that most NHL teams tries to do and decided to go down the middle with Staal, Malkin and Bing. Hasn't worked out too bad has it. I will repeat back-to-back Cup Finals.

So you get rid of Geno to get a couple wingers for Sid. You want to know what happens next? You take a top defensive pairing and shut down that line. What happens when they do that in the last three years? Malkin was there. That Carolina series, who dominated? Oh that is right, our SECOND super star. Getting two wingers for Sid doesn't automatically make us win the Stanley Cup. You people think that things are wrong with this team? You have no idea. Go ask Atlanta what having something wrong really is. Go talk to people in Tampa Bay or New York. Get real.

Getting rid of Evgeni Malkin would be a mistake that the Penguins could probably not live down. Say we do trade him and get two wingers and one of them is a bust. What then? Geno is proven. He is one of the best players in the NHL, bar none. He is a little streaky but he is still one of the best in the league and will get you around 100 points every year. Why the hell would you trade that? Do you want to see this team fail?

What other team can say they have three lines you need to worry about stopping. Take Malkin away from that and what do you have. A *possibly* great first line and a good second line. Stop the first line and you can contain the second line. Now you stop the first line you have to deal with another first line with Malkin. Dude is that good.

Do you know what kind of team gets those big name players that it blows up in their face? New York. How has their playoff history been? You can't just go get wingers and expect that everything is going to be Stanley Cups for the next 12 years. The way the Penguins are going to win Cups is down the middle.

What if Crosby gets hurt. Nobody wants to see that, but injuries happen. You would kill to have another top flight players to put in that position. The Penguins have that. You slide Malkin up and you still have a great chance to win. I don't know how many other teams can say something like that.

This premise that Malkin needs to go and that he underachieves is just people grasping for attention. They don't deserve it. Evgeni Malkin didn't lose the second round series against the Montreal Canadians, the Pittsburgh Penguins did. The Penguins are built for now and the future. Their core is the strength of this team and they haven't hit their prime years yet. That is straight scary.

So what do you all think? Leave it in the comments. I want to know where you all stand.

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