Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Get Over It People

Good Lord. I know some people are stupid sometimes about the Penguins, but Jesus it is getting to a whole different level recently. When reading some tweets today Mikey from 96.1 said that he asked on air who people are going to be rooting for in the Stanley Cup Finals. He then tweeted to me that things were going about 50/50. I thought he must be kidding and he assured me that people were pretty much split down the middle. Unreal.

At first glance you can see what kinds of dilemma that people would be in. Marian Hossa plays with the Chicago Blackhawks so naturally some people still hold onto what happened two years ago. The other team is the Philadelphia Flyers, a team that Pittsburghers are born to hate with all of their hearts. A little earlier tonight Dave Dameshek put together a jury of what Pittsburgh should think. Here it is. Start at the bottom and work up.

Pretty standard. Lets get to the real thing. If you are rooting for the Flyers over the Blackhawks then you need to get your head examined and/or just commit yourself to a mental hospital. What in your right mind would make you cheer for the team that arguably Pittsburgh hates the most? Because of one guy that was with the team for a couple of months and left because he was a free agent? No, you are right that makes perfect sense. I would much rather side with a fan base that cheer Crosby sucks and throws things on the ice when things don't go their way. Their fans who drop the f bomb on live TV:

You want to cheer for a team that actually is worse than the Montreal fans, which is damn near impossible. You remember how you reacted to every time the Habs fans booed and bitched every time a player feel over his own two feet, but you want to cheer for the team with the fans that are worse. No, that is great logic.

You want to cheer against Marian Hossa. A guy that was with the Penguins for 32 games, including playoffs. Hossa was a rental player we got for the end of the season and stretch run. He helped us with some points and got us some wins, but not quite there as the Penguins lost in six games to the Wings in the Cup Finals that year.

Hossa then was working with GMRS to try and get a deal done and there was some progress being made and then bam. Gone. Marian found a spot to sign, in Detroit. At the time he said that Detroit gave him the better chance to win the Stanley Cup. It stung. It was hard to swallow for the Penguins and their fans. The fans took it hard and grew a hatrid for Hossa, that still some have today.

Halfway through the 2008-2009 season the Penguins were floundering and the Wings were staright rolling. One thing led to another and the Penguins and Red Wings met in the finals again. The Penguins forced a game seven and stuck it to Marian. It was the payback that every fan could have asked for. The demons have been exercised and all should have been forgotten. It was for some, but for others it wasn't.

I understand what Hossa, and his agent really, did to make us hate him, but that should have been over when we beat him in the Cup. When we got him on the team it should have been clear that he wasn't going to be here past that year. Now people are still up in arms because they feel he owes us something. How about this. If we keep Hossa you can say goodbye to Brooks Orpik and probably signing Geno long term. You can probably scratch that Letang contract and some other key pieces to the Penguins core that make them such a force.

A guy that was clearly a rental and you hate him and want to root for the Flyers because of that. Grow the fuck up. We got the better of Hossa by winning the Cup in his new back yard. We proved him wrong and that should be it. But that is not enough for some of you. You are jokes. If you want to root for the Flyers then you shouldn't be Penguins fans. Chicago doesn't mean shit to us. They are in the Western Conference. They have a talented team with Toewes and Kane and co. You want some bush league team to win the Stanley Cup and rub it into our face when we go to that shit hole Wachovia Center next year? I don't. Obviously some of you do.

Like Dave said in his tweets, Hossa is one bad apple that Penguins don't hate, but Philadelphia is littered with them. Hextall, Lindros, Clarke, Downie, Hartnell, Carcillo, their fans, their building and the city itself. You are going to cheer for an organization that employed or still employs those people over one person that doesn't even mean shit anymore? That is waht's sad about all of this.

Like I said, the Hossa thing should be over. You all got your fills when you booed him every time he touched the puck his first game as a Red Wing. You got your fill when you laughed at him after the Penguins won the Cup. This is about arguably the most hated teams in all of sprots in recent Pittsburgh memory and some of you want to cheer for that bullshit? Don't be a six year old. Let it go.

Go Hawks.

Lets Go Pens.

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