Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's Never Easy. Pens Lose

It's never easy to get knocked out of the playoffs. Or not make them. You never have the right words. It doesn't make it any easier when you lose your house. The first one you ever had. The one where all the memories are. You never want to see it go, but you have to. It is kinda like going from low def TV on your 100 year old 15 inch TV to your brand new 42 inch HDTV you just bought. The old TV had the memories, but it is time for a new TV.

If there is something else we know it is that you can't win the Cup every single year. Losses happen. The problem is that nobody thought the Penguins would go down four rip early and have to claw back like that. Nobody saw that coming. But it happened, and we can learn.

We have played more hockey games than any other team in the NHL over the past three years. Bing, Flower, Geno, Staal and company will get a chance to take a nap. After they get up from that nap they will think about what happened this year. What could have been. Flower will think about this game all summer. You talk about a bounce back game, wait until you see Fleury next season. Jesus.

The worst part last night was those fair weather bullshit fans that left after it was 4-0 on the shortie. I wish as those people left the building would have a permanent stamp put on their hand so that they would never be able to get into another Penguins game again. There were thousands upon thousands of true fans who sat in the rain on the lawn to watch that game that would do almost anything to get into the arena and you left because you were tired. You people disgust me. Go cheer for the Caps if you want to be like that.

Losses happen. Give it a few days. Things will get better. This team is young. We will be back. Book it.

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