Monday, May 3, 2010

Penguins and Pirates and Steelers, Oh My

Well since I have been settling in and getting used to my new surroundings and job I have been pretty busy. I haven't had a chance to post too much and for some (most) that might be a good thing. Hopefully there are one or two people out there that enjoy something that I say or that giggle when I job Marc Savard and his 500 concussions. Whatever. I guess I will keep going. People do follow me on twitter (for god knows why) so I will let them read this automated tweet. Lets take a look at how the big three are doing in the Pittsburgh area:


The Penguins and Habs are tied at one game a piece going into Montreal on Tuesday night. Most people are freaking out and ready to jump off the Clemente bridge, but those are also the same people that think the Penguins should go 16-0 in the playoffs or they can't win the cup.

Not really sure what to say about game two. The Penguins were the better team for about 50 minutes of the game. Held the Habs to only 21 shots, too bad Montreal found the back of the net three times. This game wasn't on Fleury so if you are looking for a venue that is going to push your theory that Fleury has been bad this playoffs. He wins games. Look at last year, MAF didn't steal a game till late in the second round. He is a gammer, get off his nuts.

Also there are some rumours floating around that people are talking about benching Malkin and/or Fleury. Can I just ask who in their right mind, that aren't Flyers fans, would want this. I would ask if those people were high, but even people that are messed up would even suggest that. You go tell some homeless guy in Iran that the Penguins should bench Malkin and he would slap you accross the face and have you arrested. If you are reading this post and you really think that please leave your reasoning in the comments section. I am dying to know what could possibly warrent one, or both, of those players to sit.

I am not really worried about the series as a whole. The big thing to see is if Disco is going to change the game plan. He will, it will just be interesteing to see what it is. The Washington coaching staff were too bull headed to make changes and it cost them the playoffs. The Penguins as a team are too smart for that and Disco definatly knows how to game plan so it shouldn't be too much of a worry. The Penguins have way different personal than the Capitals and makes it a better matchup. Like the boys over at Pensblog said, you get up two goals on Montreal and the game is basically over, just gotta get there. There are no truer words.

If you think I am gonna talk at length about some joke "blogger" who called Bing five years old because he broke his stick cuz he was pissed you got another thing coming. Bing is pissed. Good luck Montreal. Dude was a Boston writer. Worry about your team douche. Probably didn't even know they were in the playoffs though.

The Penguins are going to have to weather the storm tomorrow. They will.


The Steelers are out on the practice field doing some of this and some of that. Not too much going on. Ben is in some rehab, there are 100 QB's going for the one job, Limas Sweed is basically out for the year. You know, the usual.

The Steelers are basically down to Byron Leftwich and Dennis Dixon for the spot. It sucks, but Chuck Batch is probably not going to get a shot to start. Good backup, but not durable enough. I have confidence in Batch, but the Steelers are looking in other directions. Right now it looks as if Leftwich is going to get the nod. He has the longest release ever but he can get the job done, no doubt about that.

While I have no concern with BL starting the season under center I would really like to have it be Double D's. We drafted him to be a QB and the Steelers have expressed many times what they think of him as a QB, so why not give him a chance. See what the kid got. You had the training wheels on when he played the Ravens last year, and he almost won the game. He was going to be a Heisman winner before he blew out his knee so he has some talent. Give him the shot and see if he can be the guy to back up Ben if he is ever hurt for a little while. Give Dennis a fair look.

Like I said above Limas Sweed was hurt in practice the other day. Looks like it is an Achilles injury and most likely will be done for the season. I was really looking forward to seeing Sweed on the team this year. This was likely going to be his last chance to prove anything and probably his last chance to stay on the team long term. Sure, he has had his probelems, but he wasn't a second round pick because he was terrible. Kevin Colbert doesn't work for the Lions. I think maybe given the last chance that he could make some plays and maybe work into that number three spot and make a few play. Who knows, but looks like he will be out a long time.


The Pirates are what we thought they were. Coming off a 3-7 road trip the Pirates are 10-15 on the season, and to be honest I will take that. The Pirates really stuggle to hit the ball and they really struggle to pitch so it kinda makes winning games kinda tough.

I was in Milwaukee when a Ryan Doumit grand slam beat Trevor Hoffman in the ninth and it was AWESOME. Everyone freaked out when Hell's Bells came on and after a lead off homerun to tie the game the boo birds came out. What joke fans.

Back to the Pirates. People have to realize this team is going to lose 90-95 games. No doubt about that. When they win a few straight you can't get too high and when they lose 7 straight you can't start saying to fire everyone and fold the team. Alverez, Lincoln, Tabata and co. will be up, just not yet. They are not ready. Hell Alverez has only been in AAA for like 15 games, give him a chance.

People bitch and moan to bring these guys up but if they did and they sucked it up then people would bitch and moan that it was managements fault for bringing them up too early. It is a lose lose. Just enjoy watching baseball.

Just hope Cutch is ok, kid is going to be a star.

I love the production we are getting from Andy LaRoche. He is hitting .323 and really been getting a lot of hits. People are complaining because there isn't much extra base hits, but beggers really can't be choosers. If Andy can keep hitting I think he can be a perfect candidate for the second base job when Pedro is up later in the season or for a perminant job for next year. But, only time will tell.

Game three tomorrow. Bell Centre is gonna be rockin. Get your mind right.

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