Thursday, May 6, 2010

Penguins Playoff Game Day 10 - Conference Semifinals @ Montreal Canadians - Game 4

Montreal Canadians

7:00 PM, Bell Centre, Montreal

The Penguins are hopefully playing their final game of the season at the Bell Centre tonight as they look to take a 3-1 series lead over the Canadians from Montreal. It has always been my opinion that game four of a series is easily the most important. Usually, in a good series, it is the point where you either are up or down three games to one or it is the point where it is an even series. This is one of those good series scenerios and it would go a long way for the Penguins to go up 3-1. Not only for the sake of going home with a chance to clinch, but also to take both games on the road. The big bad Bell Centre did not phase the Black and Gold in game three and it shouldn't do that in game four either.

The Penguins have some players that are up in the air for tonight. Bill Guerin has already been ruled out of the contest tonight. There are so many rumours flying around about what is wrong with him it is nuts. At first it was speculated that he was just sick, then it was back spasms, now I am reading places where his elbow might be infected. What the hell. The Pengiuns website is reporting that he should be a go for game five, so that is good.

A huge blow to the Penguins is that grinder Mike Rupp might not be in the lineup tonight. For undisclosed reasons he might not be in the lineup tonight. He will be game time and like I said the Penguins are pretty tight lipped about the situation, which they usually are.

Back from the depths of the dead to possibly play for the Penguins tonight is Jordan Staal. Just about a week ago we literally thought from what we read on RDS that Staal had his whole right leg amputated. Just like three seconds later he is on the ice, says he feels great and might be in the lineup tonight. What a gamer. Staal had surgery on his foot a few days ago to repare a tendon that connects to his big toe. I am sure that is important, but not really as important as not having his whole foot, like it was reported. I think.

There are some more Bing articles about some bullshit on the web. Who cares. It's old.

The Penguins are going to have to weather the storm again. What the Penguins did on Tuesday was play the Canadians style of hockey and they beat them with it. The Caps couldn't chance their style, or didn't want to, and the Penguins are able to do that. Plan and simple.

MAF is going to have to be big again tonight. What he did on Tuesday night was steal the show. Roberto Luongo can have his shiny save percentage but I will take MAF any day of the week. Dude just wins. Those of you clowns that wanted him riding the pine can have fun cheering for Vancouver or Philadelphia because I don't want you as a fan. Fleury does his thing and doesn't care what you think. He is a gammer and that is a lot in my book.

The Habs fans are terrible. I would honestly be surprised if 70% of them ever watched hockey before. Every single time a Habs player goes down it has to be a penalty for them. The officials buy into it too with that God awful call on Jordan Leopold at the tail end of the game, but MAF was there.

Go ahead, boo Bing. He hasn't been scoring in the series but he has been nothing less than a beast. He is the best player on the ice and players like Duper and Kunitz compliment him so well and they have been rewarded. Bing is getting into the corners and laying some wood, which is nice to see. Keep booing him, and remember when Hal Gill bear hugs him while he has the puck it is a penalty. Every day of the week.

Do it.

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