Saturday, May 8, 2010

Penguins Playoff Game Day 11 - Conference Semifinals vs. Montreal Canadians - Game 5

Montreal Canadians

1:00 PM, Mellon Arena, Pittsburgh, PA

The Penguins and Habs are now tied. The Penguins played a pretty good hockey game, but not good enough. Montreal came out in game four and let the Penguins dictate play but they turned it on in the third and scored a few quick goals to beat the Penguins by one.

Series is at 2-2. Best of three. Home ice advantage: Penguins. This is what it is all about. I know it would be nice to be up 3-1 right now with a chance to end the series but getting the split in Montreal wasn't all that bad when you think about it. You can't expect to go into an enviorment like that and win every game on the road. No matter how rediculous the fans are.

The white clad fans at the Mellon tonight need to be on their game. It is going to be important that they are loud and rowdy early and often. This is a big game, I have my faith in both the fans and the Penguins in this one. Get this win in convincing fashion and it should be over in six.

Bing and co. haven't had a breakout game yet in the playoffs. They will look to do that tonight. Things are all right for them to break out: huge series game, haven't broke out yet in four games of the series, everyone doubting his ability. You gotta love it.

Nothing more to say.

Do it.

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