Monday, May 10, 2010

Penguins Playoff Game Day 12 - Conference Semifinals @ Montreal Canadians - Game 6

Montreal Canadians

7:00 PM, Bell Centre, Montreal

The Penguins have closed out something like the last five playoff series on the road or something crazy like that. So when you think about it, is it really that bad that the Penguins are on the road tonight to possibly close out this series at the Bell Centre? Whatev.

How scary is it that the Penguins are winning this series with Bing and Geno only combining for one goal? That is really scary if you are another team. Would I be surprised tonight if Bing hit up the game winner tonight? No way.

I get worked up every time Montreal boo's every time a Montreal player trips over his own two feet, but this couldn't set up better for the Penguins to shut up that crowd tonight and send them home. I actually heard today that the Bell Centre actually hangs mic's from the roof to pump the fans noise back into the building. No wonder it is so loud. If that is true, which I am not sure, but if it is in fact true that is pretty sad.

Hal Gill go stepped on by Kunitz and not really sure if he is going to go. Even if he does go he is not going to be 100% so that is going to help out the Penguins a lot. It may free up Bing a little more to make some plays, but shutting down Sid really isn't all on Gill. It has been a nice strategy to basically shadow Bing with a defender and not let him beat you. That is ok, most times two defenders are going to Sid and leaving the points wide open. Note Goncahar and LeGame scored from the points in the Penguins 2-1 win on Saturday. Just sayin.

Geno Malkin looks like he has turned it up a notch. If he plays like he did on Saturday he will score and the Penguins will most likely win.

Fleury looked really good again and was 30 seconds away from his second shutout of the series. Should the whistle have blown? Yea, but who cares. MAF doesn't care about stats, he cares about winning. I like that.

Get it done tonight boys.

Do it.

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