Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Penguins Playoff Game Day 13 - Conference Semifinals vs. Montreal Canadians - Game 7

Montreal Canadians

7:00 PM, Mellon Arena, Pittsburgh, PA

Almost here. It has been a long couple days. Trouble sleeping, trouble focusing, trouble not freaking out anytime someone is starting to talk to you. You are focused like you are playing in the game, but you're not. Everything you do today was to a T. You try to remember everything you did while the Penguins were winning and you want to replicate everything. I know I am.

There isn't enough space on the internet to truely put into words what is now going through my mind right now. Everything is just crazy. Thus is game seven. This is what it's all about.

MAF is one of the best bounce back goalies in the league. Bar none. He has bounced back every single time he has been posed with the opportunity this series. He will be ready.

Not sure if Poni is going to be in the lineup tonight, but from the pregame skate that is what we are looking at. TestTube might be out of the lineup. Not really sure how I feel about that, but Disco is pretty good at this whole lineup thing so whatever he goes with, I think I can be ok with.

A lot of players have been in games 7's in their careers and there are a lot of successful players going to be on the ice. Almost everyone on the Penguins roster is .500 or better in games sevens.

Home ice is huge. If we are playing at Bell Centre I think this is a different game. That arena is loud (albeit with pumped in crowd noise) and it was a huge in helping the Canadians into forcing this do or die game seven. The Mellon is going to be going off the hook tonight, you can bet that, but what the Penguins don't want to do is let that get the better of them. What do I mean? I mean that sometimes playing in your home barn can get you too pumped up. You can get too into the moment, and that my friends is when bad things can happen. The Penguins need to come out on an even keel and just do what they do best, play hockey. They aren't the defending champioins for nothing.

There are a million other things I could say. I am not going to. It is do or die.

Do it.

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