Sunday, May 2, 2010

Penguins Playoff Game Day 8 - Conference Semifinals vs. Montreal Canadians - Game 2

Montreal Canadians

1:00 PM, Mellon Arena, Pittsburgh, PA

After chasing Halak in game one of the series do we see him again today? Who knows. If Carey Price is in net for any amount of time other than mop-up work then its Penguins in three. Wouldn't be surprised if Price is in net. It would be a major mistake. Halak could use the break but Price gives them no option of winning. Watch him come out and pitch a shutout. Doubt it.

From the sounds of it looked like the Habs brought a good bit of people to the game on Friday. Wonder if the Canadians are giving them a refund?

Aside from being sketchy at best in goal the Habs will be without Markov, one of them better playmakers, thanks to Matt Cooke. One of the cleanest hits he has ever given but I am sure half of the nation figures he should be suspended. Speaking of Cooke, Mark Savard came back yesterday for the Bruins and scored the game winner in overtime. RDS is reporting that Savard got a concussion jumping into the boards for his goal celebration. He needs to be locked in a dark room for 163.5 days before he is able to see the light of day. Joke.

Well I guess we should talk about the Penguins a little bit huh?

Speaking of RDS they had reported yesterday that Jordan Staal would be out for the rest of the playoffs after foot surgery. Joke reporting. Came out later that he will miss 7-10 days with minor surgery on a tendon that runs from his foot to his big toe. RDS basically make it seems as if Staal had to get both his feet cut off, not the case.

Superstar is going to have to step up and probably play the third line center role, him and Craig Adams will have to step up, no real biggie though, they are big time players.

They say it isn't a series until you lose at home. Penguins need this one big time. They will get it done.

Do it.

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