Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Penguins Playoff Game Day 9 - Conference Semifinals @ Montreal Canadians - Game 3

Montreal Canadians

7:00 PM, Bell Centre, Montreal

The Penguins are in that same situation they were against the Ottawa Senators last series. 1-1, there was a sense the Penguins could come back home 2-2, a lot of uncertainly, not really sure what the hell was going on. Then, BAM, the Penguins put the smackdown on Ottawa and most people knew this series was basically over.

The Penguins need that kind of effort tonight to beat the Habs. Make no mistake that Montreal is going to be off the hook tonight. Bell Center is going to be loud and it is going to be rocking, but lets not get it twisted, this is not the Montreal Forum. It will be loud but the Penguins have had some success on the road in the playoffs.

Like I said last night in my post if the Penguins can get up a couple of goals then they will be ok. Montreal does not have the fire power to come back in a game that they are down a couple of goals. Those are just the facts. That is how it happens. If the Penguins can get a few quick ones then game four might be the game that Montreal has to win.

The Penguins got some good news when Jordan Staal was back out on the ice before the Penguins pregame skate this morning at Bell Centre. Now, lets not jump to conclusions too quickly, he was in sweats and he wasn't doing anything crazy, just a little bit of skating. After RDS reported that he has both lets and his right hand opperated on it is not as funny when Disco says he is "day-to-day" huh?

Bill Guerin did not take the morning skate and Disco said it was just a maintainence day for him and I am ok with that. I guess he is questionable to play tonight, but I bet he will play. From the morning skate it looked as if Dupers was skating with Bing and we might see that. If there is one thing we learn about Disco's game day lines is that they change early and often.

Seeing how the Penguins react after a loss is going to be huge. Are they going to be like Washington and not make any adjustments? I dounbt that, but it is food for thought.

The Penguins will be ok. Give it a couple of goals before Montreal starts booing their own players and then they just throw it in the tank. Bank on that.

Do it.

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