Thursday, May 20, 2010

@psamp owns Paul Ladewski

Catchy title eh? Here are some links you may or may not like.

As most of you know Paul Ladewski is basically a huge tool and talked some smack on the Penguins, basically saying that the Penguins fail was embarassing. Well leave it to the bloggers to get the best of him.

PSAMP pretty went to down and dominated Ladewski. He also got a screen shot of the article, which came in handy since Ladewski took the article down today. Golf clap for PSAMP [PSAMP]

Pat over at WHYGAVS also chimed in on this [WHYGAVS]

So did The Pensblog [The Pensblog]

Great job from those guys and others on really giving it to Paul.

Cotter caught a glimpse of what PacMan was actually doing with the Cincy [OFTOT]

Who has the best defense in the AFC North? [ESPN]

ATTENTION: Empty Netters will be moving [Empty Netters]

LeBron should come to Pittsburgh. LOVE this idea. He could start the team and do whatever he wants. [Sean's Ramblings]

Did I miss something? Let me know.

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