Thursday, June 17, 2010

11 and Counting, White Sox 5, Pirates 4

Well there was a lot going on in the bottom of the eighth inning for the Pirates and the same in the top of the ninth, but there was an amazing effort that fell short in the bottom of the inning (eye roll).

The game was the typical of the past 10 before it. The Pirates were spotty on offense and below average at best on defense and for this team that is not going to get it done. The Dorfer pitched an average game, going 6.1 innings and yielding all five runs. The Sox scored an initial three runs over the first three innings and you just kinda had the feeling that the Pirates didn't have a chance.

Through this losing streak they haven't really been good at scoring a lot of runs and when we do we rarely get more than four. So when the Sox got the fifth run tonight it was almost like we should turn off the TV and just watch a movie that is on Lifetime. Ok, maybe not doing that, but you get the idea.

There were actually some highlights to the game tonight. Down 3-0 in the sixth Neil Walker went yatzee for the second time in his short MLB career to cut the lead to 3-1.

The biggest thing you can do the inning after you get a run or cut the lead is give up a run in the very next inning. That is exactly what happened. With Ohlendorf still in the game Juan Pierre tripled to lead off the inning after a bad route my McCutchen which socred a run and then Pierre scored a batter later. That is what kills any momentum that you might have for a game. It also doesn't help that you need to hold teams to only three runs in order to have a chance to win.

The best part of the night for the Bucs was definatly the bottom of the eighth inning. After a Bobby Crosby strikeout (shocking I know) Andy LaRoche hit for DJ Carrasco and doubled to deep centerfield (about time). That is when it got good. Tabata walked, Walker singled and McCutchen smoked a ball through the right side to set up shop. Garrett Jones came up and if you didn't feel him putting one in the river then you didn't even know what was going on. As soon as the ball came off his bat you thought it was gone, problem is, it wasn't. Sac fly that got the tying run to third base with two outs and Pedro up.

This was the perfect spot for Pedro to get his first hit, but he stuck out. I kinda got the feeling he was swining for the river as he took some hacks. Believe me if he touched one of those balls it was going. I guess I would like to see him try and get the ball up the middle. The home runs will definatly come with him but I think it was Huntington who said that when Pedro works on hitting that ball back up the box he can really zone in and everything falls into place. It is still really early for him in the majors so I know he wanted to make the splash hit (pun intended). He will learn. I am not worried.

It was really nice to see the top of the lineup get it rolling in a big situation. The 1-5 hitters got the job done in the eighth when they needed the runs. Pedro will get there. The ninth inning was a train wreck. I think I was a better option off the bench than Ryan Church. The pitch he struck out on was terrible, at best.

Sure it was the 11th loss in a row but I am a little less concered with W/L and more concerned with development of the core group. So far I like what I see. Tabata almost had a bunt single in the first (if he pushes it a little more its a hit) and he has been learning in the outfield. Walker was slumping but still gets a homerun and Pedro is taking some good swings and being pacient, it just hasn't clicked yet.

A lot of season left to go.

Lets Go Bucs

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