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Chatting With Mikey and Bob From the Freak Show

Every once in a while I like to get out there and do something a little different than talk about the Steelers/Penguins/Pirates just to keep things fresh. This time is no different as Mikey and Big Bob were kind enough to play some e-mail tag with me and answer some questions I had for them. As you will see shortly the questions range anywhere from why they got into radio to how crazy those Geno Malkin rumors were.

If you don't know Mikey and Big Bob host the morning Freak Show on 96.1 Kiss FM in Pittsburgh from 6 AM-10 AM during the week. Their show is money and they do a great job getting guests and really having a good time with them. They are some what of celeberty figures in the Pittsburgh area, and for very good reason.

Mikey and Big Bob work a lot with the Penguins so this was a no-brainer that I wanted to try and get in touch with them and talk to them some. They are a fixture out with the big screen during the playoffs and are all around the arena during the regular season.

So here is the interview with some real good stuff that the guys got back to me with:

1) What got each of you started in Radio?

Mikey - I dropped out of college after a year and radio seemed fun. They wouldn't hire me at my college radio station. Never had a lifelong dream of getting into radio, just didn't feel
like going to college for 4 years to get a degree.

Bob - No real big break or nerdy story on how I ended up in radio. Long story short...Dropped out of college, got an internship and worked my ass off until they hired me in the promotions department. While working the day shift in promotions for the station I would intern at night on the night show for free. Pretty much staying at the station 24 hours a day until they finally hired me to be on the night show, and it went from there.

2) What is the best part of the job?

Mikey - waking up every morning and loving the job you do everyday is the best, working with my best friend everyday is pretty awesome too.

Bob - It's a lot of work at times because it's just me and Mike. We don't have producers or interns or other people on the show to help so everything from the website to the show and everything after the show we do ourselves. Honestly coming here and doing this everyday is never like having to go to work I often wonder why they actually pay us.

3) What separates Pittsburgh from any other city in America?

Mikey - the people. The people in this city are the best. You can see it in the passion
the people have for the sports teams. If you live here, you love it here and
you take care of your city. You can't say that about every city in the

Bob - We really have a nice city. The mayor does do some dumb stuff every now and then but really for the most part our city is pretty amazing. Our sports teams unite everyone and it doesn't matter if you are black/white man/women big/small/rich/poor/young/old the whole city pulls together to support our teams.

4) Onto sports, when did you guys start to get with and work with the Penguins?

Mikey - about 3-4 years ago. It felt pretty sweet to get my first check from
the pens. I wanted to frame it.

Bob - Yea, I think it was four years ago. I remember our first game I was at, I wanted to crap my pants.

5) What goes through your minds when you get those ridiculous calls from people about the Steelers/Penguins/Pirates and do you guys talk about those calls during commercial breaks?

Mikey - the ridiculous calls are the best calls for us. One that sticks put in my head is when someone called after last season and said steelers should fire dick lebeau and bring back coach Cowher as defensive coordinator to replace him. Even though they're completely insane, it's calls like that one that get people laughing and realizing how insane some people are.

Bob - Trade Everyone...Fire Shero...Screw The Pirates...Release Ben...Move all of the teams to Kansas City and hire our listeners to run them.

6) What do you feel the Big Screen brings to the playoffs here in Pittsburgh?

Mikey - don't care what anyone says, there's no other hockey city where 10,000 people are going to sit outside just to watch a playoff game. Some cities can't even sell out playoff games, we can shut down streets in front of the arena with a sea of Pens fans. It was a spectacular idea on the pens part, we're just happy to be a part if it.

Bob - It is huge. No better place to watch a game. It's everything that makes Pittsburgh great on one little patch of lawn outside of Gate 3. The Pens understanding what their fans want and just making it happen by paying out of pocket every years for the screen/security/and everything that it takes to make it happen is awesome. You look at the way the Penguins do things and go out of their way to make fans number one makes you wish other teams in this city would follow.

7) What was each of your best times during the playoffs?

Mikey - one of the best moments for me came before game 7's loss to Montreal. We went into the arena before the gates opened to talk with some of our friends who work with the team. We were all nervous so, for whatever reason, we all started sharing stories about times where we or someone we knew shit their pants. The stories were hilarious, almost to the point where my stomach hurt after. Nerves were gone.....then we lost.

Bob - I went to game seven in Detroit. Didn't have a ticket and never got one. Hung out on the stairs of the Joe Louis Arena until the Pens won. As Wings fans were pouring I made my move and got in just in time to watch the Cup get passed around. Somehow saw some Penguins friends I knew and ended up on the ice for the celebration. Truly a unreal night. Here is a link to that that Bob provided to us.

8) Are you guys going to stay with the Penguins when they build the permanent
big screen with the new arena?

Mikey - absolutely. Not sure if the pens have a final plan for the big screen as far as where it will be but we will be there for sure. We've developed a lot of great friendships at the big screen with people that might not even listen to out station.

Bob - YES. Not sure what the permanent plan will be with the screen but we will be part of the magic.

9) What are your thoughts on Evgeni Malkin trade rumors, pretty out of control

Mikey - people just needed something to talk about after the season, making up stupid geno trade rumors was the "escape" for some people. In my opinion, the pens ran into a hot team and a hotter goalie, trading a core player and one of the best players in the league makes no sense at all.

Bob - The same people that say trade Geno are the same people that say trade Ben, fire everyone...blah, blah, blah. They are also the same people that will be lined up in front row for the championship parade. Jokes.


Some very good stuff there from the guys. I just want to again thank both of them for taking time out of their day to talk to me and answer some questions that some people might wonder about. Not only are those two good at what they do for their jobs they are great people also.

Here is a link to the guys blog and from there you can figure out how to listen to the show online if you are not from the Pittsburgh area.

Leave it in the comments with some other questions you might have for the guys and I will try and hook up with them again some time or who knows, maybe they will answer.

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