Monday, June 14, 2010

Pacman + VY = BFF

I wasn't going to touch on this with what has happened in Steelers country this summer, but then I realized I didn't give a shit. I can do what I want.

Turns out that Pacman isn't the only NFL player that likes to frequent the strip club ridiculously late and make a fuss.

Vince Young was given an assault citation after punching some dude in the face at 3 AM on Sunday.

Now if you are like me you probably thinking that Vince was with his boys just having some fun. Nothing wrong with the strip club is there? It's not illegal. You probably thought they were having a good time and someone took a swing at one of VY's boys and he tried to defend himself or his friend. You (and I) would have been so wrong.

All it took to provoke Mr. Young was a dude giving him the "hook 'em horns" sign (from Texas) upside down. That is right, upside down. The nerve.

You have got to be shitting me. That is what he got so worked up about. No wonder you are a joke on the field.

Here is the video of Vince in action:

That is the best thing he's done with his right arm in a long time.

Well VY and Pacman now have an anthem it was announced the day after the Young encounter. Guess what it is.

Oh yea. Get some.

Now you would probably think that Vince would probably talk to Roger Goodell to want to talk to VY and probably give him a punishment. Doubtful. I mean it's not like he was issued a citation, oh, he was, or that he phyically hit someone, oh, he did, but I mean he isn't a superstar so he doesn't need suspended. I guess it is better to suspend a recognizable guy who didn't get charged with anything. I guess this coupled with the non issue that Mr. Goodell has with Eric Foster sexually assaulting a woman or with Green Bay Packers corner Brandon Underwood being accused of the same thing.

Goodell opened up the box when he suspended Ben when he wasn't charged and if he doesn't even talk to these players then there is something wrong. Before everyone gets their panties all in a bunch I am NOT saying what Ben did was right but you want to talk about double-standard it is looking you right in the face.

Make it rain Vince, make it rain.

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