Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Penguins Sign Cooke

Pretty interesting news came out of Pittsburgh today, well for me at least. Matt Cooke signed a three year deal that works out to an average $1.8 million cap hit. This is after we heard that GMRS would not talk to Cooke, Eaton, etc. until Gonchar had been figured out. Has that been figured out? It also was reported a few days ago that the sides were very far apart on their negotiations so it was kind of a surprise (a nice one) when I read the tweets this morning.

Must give some huge props to Damian over at Pens Universe. He broke the story, yes before Rob Rossi, and when a blogger among us does that I think it is a pretty big deal. Although he does real deal stuff and I am just some joke I still take pride in that stuff.

GMRS usually does not go for lenghth on a contract with a player over 30 but that probably helped a lot in the negotiations as well as a NTC (no trade clause), which was included in his new deal.

$1.8 a year is not bad at all. Most were thinking the Penguins would go about $2 mil a year and some even thought Cooke could fetch more in the open market. This is why we have the best GM in the NHL.

Cooke was a key part and scored 15 goals for the Black and Gold last year. He also did the little things, which would have made him a tough player to lose. He is the best agitator in the league and anything that can piss Boston off is ok in my books. Next time Matt Cooke breahes on Savard he will get his 35th concussion and Matt Cooke will pick up a five game suspention. Whatev.

Lets Go Pens

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