Monday, June 7, 2010

Pirates Draft High School Pitcher

The Pirates made a great move tonight when they selected 6'7 high school pitcher Jameson Taillon. Going into the draft it was a foregone conclusion that it was between Taillon and high school shortstop Manny Machado. On the one hand Jameson is the hard throwing righty and on the other side there is the smooth shortstop that can hit for some power.

As Pat from WHYGAVS it was a matter of need vs. talent. That is not saying that Machado doesn't have talent, because he does, but if you even read a review about this kid it was probably oozing with praise for this kid. Usually when the Pirates are talking about getting a pitcher its 20% think about it as a good idea and the other 80% bad. This was, so far, is a great bet. Kid can get into the mid-upper 90's and has some nasty stuff. Don't believe me? Check it out:

In case you can't read that is Fastball (95 mph), Breaking ball (85), Fastball (97), Fastball (96), Fastball (97), Fastball (96). That is straight gas.

The draft overall was pretty standing in the top three picks. Everyone knew that Harper was going #1 and that Taillon and Machado were going to go the next two. Some interesting draft picks leave the Pirates with a few good players to select in round two tomorrow morning.

Baseball America has these players on the board:

The highest ranked Top 200 players who are still on the board after the first round (based on our updated Top 50 ranking):

Nick Castellanos, 3b (National Rank: 14); Stetson Allie, rhp (National Rank: 15); Brandon Workman, rhp (20); Asher Wojciechowski, rhp (21); Peter Tago, rhp (22); Brett Eibner, rhp/of (23); A.J. Cole, rhp (25); Anthony Ranaudo, rhp (27); Austin Wilson, of (28); Bryce Brentz, of (29); Ryan LaMarre, of (31); Seth Blair, rhp (32).

That is some pretty good talent there in the draft for the Pirates tomorrow. I am almost inclined to say that the Pirates should go out and get Stetson Allie, another right handed high schooler. But I mean if he is ranked 15th he must be pretty good. Don't know if you want another third baseman but as most of you already know (that know a little bit about the draft) that your position really doesn't matter. Hopefully the Pirates scouts just take the best available and we will worry about the position later.

Oh yea, and the Pirates are going to be play the Nationals and Steve Strasburg tomorrow. Bucs win it. You heard it here first.

Really exciting times to be a Pirates fan. I can't remember the last time there was this much buzz around a draft.

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