Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pirates Face Strasburg

If I told you a month ago that the June 8 Washington Nationals/Pittsburgh Pirates game was going to get more pub than the Lakers/Celtics NBA Finals game you might have told me that I am crazy. Good thing I didn't say that because I would have probably been committed to the mental hospital. As crazy as that may seem, that is exactly what is happening as the Pirates will take on the Washington Nationals, I mean Steven Strasburg, today on MLB Network. That is right, the Pirates are on national TV.

I have been a huge advocate for a while now that the Pirates will win this ball game and make SS debut a bitter one. We all know the Pirates are bad and that they are, to say the least, offensively challenged. Couple that with the fact that Strasburg is probably the most hyped prospect in baseball history and you have the makings of a no hitter in Washington.

Strasburg is impressive. 7-2 with a 1.30 ERA in 11 starts while in AA and AAA. He has pretty much blown away the small competition he has faced. He has struckout 65 batters and only walked 13 in the span of 55.1 innings pitched. Looks pretty overwhelming doesn't it? Want to know the funny part? Here it comes...

Strasburg was in AA to start the season. The Altoona Curve are the Pirates AA affiliate. Strasburg struggled against them. Strasburg only have up nine runs, four earned, while he pitched in AA. The Altoona Curve scored eight of those runs and accounted for every single earned run that Strasburg gave up. Should the Pirates call up every player from AA to play tonight? I dunno, I am just saying.

The Pirates surprisingly play their best baseball when there is a stud on the mound. They beat Roy Halladay and played really well against Roy Oswalt (although teh Astros are terrible) so I wouldn't be surprised if the Pirates got the win tonight. I actually have been on record as saying the Pirates will win since they said he was coming up so I guess I really couldn't turn back now.

All I want is Andrew McCutchen to take his very first pitch and put it into the upper deck. That would be awesome.

Get it.

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