Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pirates Fall to Strasburg; Lincoln to Start Tomorrow

The Pirates have the win on the platter and then Jeff Karstens gave up back-to-back jacks and the Pirates couldn't muster any more and they fell 5-2. Delwyn Young went deep off Strasburg, but that was as about as far it got.

Strasburg got 14 strikeouts on only 94 pitches. Pretty impressive. It wasn't as if the Pirates were taking terrible swings and free swinging, he was just that good tonight. When he wasn't throwing 98 MPH fastballs he was throwing sick nasty deuces that even make the umpire buckle his knees in the first inning.

What Strasburg did have trouble with tonight was the second time through the order. There were three hits, including the home run, and it would have been more had GFJ not hit into a really tough double play with runners on first and second with no outs. DY made up for it, but it coulda been a lot worse. It happens. Everyone knew Strasburg was good and you couldn't really expect much. I figured the Pirates would scratch a few across but we really needed a strong effort by Karstens.

For the most part Karstens gave a good effort but just fell of a little bit at the end and the Pirates just didn't have enough fire power to come back, even though Matt Capps was pitching.

On to a little bit different things. Tomorrow the future starts for the Pirates when Brad Lincoln makes his first Pirates start. Lincoln has been pretty spectacular for Indianapolis so far this year posting a 6-2 record and a 3.16 ERA. Lincoln has been pretty dominant and there is pretty much no more reason to keep him down in AAA. I am glad the Pirates didn't bring him in to face Strasburg. Didn't need it to be more of a three ring circus than it already was. You would have thought Nationals fans have never watched baseball the way they stood up for every time there was a two strike count. I guess it does fit in with their fans for the Caps and Redskins. Same garbage. I digress.

Word is that Tabata might be coming up too. That is not confirmed, just purely speculation. Very, very exciting though.

The last thing I want to tough on is that I hope people are over drafting Jameson Taillon last night. I heard a lot of people say that we should have taken Machado because he was the position player and pitching is so hit or miss in the high school. If you watched Steven Strasburg tonight you should be thanking your lucky stars that we drafted Taillon. A kid that can get into the 96-98 MPH and has a dirty breaking ball. Taillon is young and if he gets to the majors he can have that same effect. Can you imagine if Taillon comes in and does half of what Strasburg did tonight? All you Pirate fans would be ecstatic. Just give it some time and let it work. Drafting is such a tough science to get down. I like what the Pirates did last night and like it even more tonight.

Things are looking up and I am along for the ride.

The future begins tomorrow.

Lets Go Bucs

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