Saturday, June 5, 2010

Screw You Guys, I'm Goin Home

Cartman might be the best TV character on TV. No doubt.

Watching some TV on a dead Saturday I watched some DVR stuff and I watched an episode of Tosh.0 that I had and they showed this clip:

Doesn't really pertain to the Pittsburgh teams, but funny none the less.

Here are some links that interested me over the past couple of days:

LaMarr Woodley will be looking for a new contract and Warren Sapp likes him [Behind the Steel Curtain]

LaMarr Woodley is real good [That is just fact]

Somehow it was found out that Three Rivers Stadium still has a website. Tecmo approves [PSAMP]

What would the Penguins power play be like with and without Sergei Gonchar? [Pensburgh]

My chat with Mikey and Big Bob from 96.1 Kiss [My own site, bitches]

My blog will turn one year old on Thursday. If you have thoughts that would want to be on its birthday post just e-mail or tweet me.

Rocco DeMaro has a new blog. He is good at what he does so for sure give it a look. [Unammed Blog]

Pensblog wraps up the Penguins season with a slew of posts. The latest is Ruslan Fedotenko. He was bad. [The Pensblog]

Pittsburgh has been getting a little rain, huh?

The MLB draft is coming up and Pat has some previews of the first round [WHYGAVS]

And the latter rounds [WHYGAVS]


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